13 things that tell you winter is coming

13 things that tell you winter is coming

Winters in Hong Kong are never very long, and while it's true that it isn't as freezing as places like Canada or the UK, it's still quite cold sometimes! Other than the drop in temperature, here are some sure signs that...

What? You didn't think we were going to skip on that gif, did you?

1. Your warm breath forms a cloud in the cold air and you pretend to be a fire-breathing dragon

2. All you can think about is a hot drink to warm your hands and tummy

3. Hat hair becomes a fashion statement

4. The first thing you see when you walk into convenience stores are those hand-warmer things

*We know this isn't a hand-warmer, but isn't he cute??

5. The mini-fans are put away

6. Getting out of bed in the morning is extra hard

7. Malls start putting up ostentatious Christmas trees and playing Christmas music. IT'S ONLY NOVEMBER, PEOPLE!

8. Your mum insists you wear sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters (probably featuring reindeers, Santa and elves)

9. But you know she's right: layers are your best friend

10. UGG boots make their annual seasonal comeback

11. People start getting psyched about the Christmas cup designs at Starbucks

12. Two words: hot pot

13. Your Instagram feed is full of your friends on vacation at snowy destinations

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