9 signs it's almost Halloween in Hong Kong

9 signs it's almost Halloween in Hong Kong

*insert evil laugh here*


Halloween is coming ...

It’s that time of the year again. Can you feel the spookiness in the air? Can you smell the candy corn ready to be handed out? Have you got an amazing costume planned? Because I do, and I’m totally not sharing it.

1. You wake up one day and Halloween seems to have thrown up on the city overnight.

2. When the supermarkets start selling those tiny, ridiculously overpriced pumpkins – adorable puppy, sadly, not included.

3. When Pottinger Street becomes inaccessible on October 30.

4. Around about, ooh, October 17, you see people walking around with an extra sparkly glint in their eye ­- they must be planning another spectacular outfit for the holiday.

5. When the Halloween sweets come out on offer at Wellcome. Goodbye, summer bod!

6. Similarly, Halloween themed cakes. And cookies. And chocolates. Look, all of the spooky treats out there. Just… give them to me.

7. When Ocean Park and Disney started to promote their spooky attractions (*cue the sounds of Nightmare before Christmas*).

8. Halloween-themed films start looping on TV. And we’re okay with that.

9. Plastic ... I see plastic ... EVERYWHEREEEEEEE ... that should be the scariest thing about it.

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