Are YOU as smart as French International School’s Mind Over Matter 2016 team?

Are YOU as smart as French International School’s Mind Over Matter 2016 team?

Teams of students from all over the city showed up on a Saturday for a battle of the brains. Put your mind to the test on some of the cryptic questions from the quiz

Here are eight of the noodle-scratchers that the teams tackled at the Mind Over Matter Inter School Quiz. How many did you get right? (Scroll down for the answers – no peeking!)

1 Where would you find the thinnest skin on the human body?

2 Black, green, white are three of the four main varieties of this. The fourth gets is name from a Chinese word for “black dragon”. What are these varieties of?

3 Christchurch in New Zealand and A Coruna in Spain form one pair. Lianyungang in China and Junin in Argentina form a similar pair. Some other pairs are Palembang (Indonesia) – Neiva (Colombia) and Ulam Ude (Russia) – Puerto Natales (Chile). What term is used to describe these pairs of cities?

4 What sport involves a rikishi attempting to force another rikishi out of a dohyō or trying to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the opponent’s feet?

5 From the Icelandic verb for “to gush”, what is the name of a spring characterised by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam?

6 What term of Italian origin (Venetian dialect) is typically used to describe events featuring races by rowed, sailed or powered boats?

7 Georges Lemaitre was responsible for proposing what theory related to the expansion of the universe that is also part of the name of an extremely popular US TV series?

8 Tyr, Odin, Thor and Frigg were Norse gods. How do we remember them today, along with the Sun, the Moon, and the Roman counterpart of the Titan Cronos?


1 Eyelids

2 Tea

3 Antipodes

4 Sumo wrestling

5 Geyser

6 Regatta

7 Big Bang Theory

8 Days of the week


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