12 stages of if Pokemon Go was made for dogs

12 stages of if Pokemon Go was made for dogs

You think people were excited when Pokemon Go came out? Can you imagine if it was made for DOGS?!?!

Dogs are, as your probably know, easily excitable. Even the sight of their leash taken off the hook where it hangs sends them into a frenzy. So can you envision what they'd be like if something as awesome as Pokemon Go was made for their pleasure? Can you say ba-na-nas? Lol

1. I heard the hoomins have this new game call Pokemon Go, I wonder if there's a doggy version. I'll check ...


2. I'm a good boy. I'm patiently waiting. 


3. Wait, what? It’s still not available for dogs yet? Why I oughtta ... 


4. Sorry. I'll chill. Have you seen it yet?


5. Is this it? Is this it? I think I heard it!




7. This is the best thing ever!


8. Let me catch one more Pokemon. Just one!


9. I'm sure I saw one just here!


10. What d’you mean this is not a Pokeball???


11. MUM! I can’t come home right now!


12. What d’you mean I can’t catch them ALL?



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