Burning Question: what's your favourite thing to spend money on?

Burning Question: what's your favourite thing to spend money on?

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At the moment, books and stationery because I'm all abou the learning.
Susan Ramsay, Editor

Books. Books. BOOKS. I may be officially addicted.
Karly Cox, Deputy editor

Travel: the money is gone but the memories (and photos) stay with you.
Young Wang, Web reporter

A flight to somewhere in Asia - because it's still cheaper to buy plane tickets and eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Thailand than it is to eat out for one meal in Hong Kong.
Lucy Christie, Sub-editor

Rockclimbing. Gear, trips, handcream...
Melanie Leung, Reporter

Food...but I expect quality for my hard-earned moolah.
Sam Gusway, Sub-editor

Shoes. Currently lusting after light-up trainers, Wonder Woman boots, and patent platform creepers.
Lauren James, Sub-editor

Entertainment. Video games are some of the best value for money you can get.
Wong Tsui-lai, Reporter

Faye Wong tickets, the only way to hear her true sound.
Ben Pang, Reporter


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