Burning Question: favourite female role model

Burning Question: favourite female role model

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Julie Andrews: the definition of grace.

Julie Andrews, for filling my childhood with the Sound of Music. I've always admired her grace and charm both on and off screen.
Susan Ramsay, Editor

[Karly malfunctioned trying to choose just one. She will be back for next week's Burning Question.]
Karly Cox, Deputy editor

The multi-talented Tina Fey, for bringing so much laughter to the world.
Young Wang, Web reporter

My Year 5 teacher Mrs Rowlinson. Through example, she taught us to be unashamed of our passions and unapologetic about our ambitions.
Heidi Yeung, Web sub editor

Young Wang. Because she is weird and can't cook but still found someone to marry her. #jokes
Melanie Leung, Reporter

International tennis sensation, Serena Williams. She is one tough cookie.
Sam Gusway, Sub-editor

Chris B, Hong Kong's "fairy godmother of rock'n'roll and live music".
Lauren James, Sub-editor

Melanie Leung, because she rocks at rock climbing but I'm scared of heights!
Ben Pang, Reporter

Nala Cat, she has an amazing 2.9 million followers on Instagram!
Dennis Goodboy, SYP mascot


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