15 things that happen when you're reporting on HKDSE results live as a YP cadet

15 things that happen when you're reporting on HKDSE results live as a YP cadet

Shannon Cho, Joshua Lee, Gabi Leung, Shayna Sujanani, and Nicole Tsung share what it was like to work on a LIVE news report

There is a difference between writing a story as a YP cadet and being asked to go out and live report one of the most stressful and emotional days for a secondary school student in Hong Kong. There is no plan or guidebook, only barely contained chaos. For real.

1. That moment you arrive at the school too early and you wonder if you accidentally went to the wrong school.

2. Seriously, SO frustrating being thrown out of a school because they're not letting in reporters, so you have to beeline somewhere else.

3. Running around a school you've never been to before trying to find the top scorer you have to interview.

4. I'm the youngest reporter here ... I wonder if people think I'm cool?

5. Man, they're answering the press' questions really well. No wonder they're top scorers.

6. Must be so nerve-wracking to have all these cameras flashing in your face though.

7. You're secretly glad people are referring to you as "the reporter". Yassssssssss!

8. But then you keep getting interrupted when you're trying to ask your questions because you're also still "a kid".

9. Having to explain you're not a student getting your results, but reporting for Young Post.

10. Arghhh! Can't squeeze through the massive crowd of reporters to take a decent picture!

11. Dodging other reporters' bulky cameras, contorting your body, and twisting your arm in unnatural angles to get a good shot of the top scorers, all at once. 

12. Omg ... so many words! Hands ... can't ... move ... fast enough!

13. Trying to read what you managed to jot down 15 minutes later and you think, "is this even in English?!"

14. Great, I remembered to ask the deeper questions but forgot to ask for basic info. She is 17 ... I think.

15. Oh nooooo ... phone battery is running low! Where's my charger? Where's my charger?!

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