11 stages of writing for Young Post as a cadet

11 stages of writing for Young Post as a cadet

Think all journalists do is type up some words and voilà! A story is done? Yeah, not quite. From brainstorming ideas to pitching them to the editor in a way that convinces her it's worth printing in Young Post, to researching, sourcing, and writing it, it heck of a lot of work! Here's what it's really like ...

1) When you first pitch an idea but you don’t know if it’s any good


2) When it’s finally approved


3) But then you realise it’s actually time to start writing


4) Then you're told you forgot one important step: FACT CHECKING


5) So you start furiously calling or emailing anyone relevant asking for interviews


6) The relief you feel once you’ve finally found someone willing to talk to you


7) Just when you think you’re done, you remember you need photos! And so the search begins ... AGAIN


8) All done! Now, it’s time to submit your story


9) The waiting game begins ...


10) At last! That moment when you see your work in print or on Young Post's website


11) Your friends all congratulate you on your achievement and you feel like a celebrity

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