Rohan Gavin's Knightley & Son:K-9 is a superb detective follow up

Rohan Gavin's Knightley & Son:K-9 is a superb detective follow up

Darkus Knightley is not your average thirteen-year-old boy. But he doesn't have superpowers like other young fictional heroes.

He is, however, ferociously smart, has a mind as sharp as a box of razors and is brilliant at solving puzzles and crimes. And his dress sense is just a little bit eccentric. Some might say Darkus Knightley is a young version of the world's greatest detective, the charming Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Detection is in Darkus Knightley's genes. His father, Alan Knightley, was once London's top private detective, taking on and solving cases that baffled the police. Alan Knightley used to be a force in both the detective and criminal worlds.

But that came to a sudden and abrupt end four years ago, when Darkus was just nine-years-old. Under very mysterious circumstances, and while working on one of his most puzzling cases, Alan Knightley became inexplicably ill and slipped into a coma. Darkus could only watch helplessly as his father, who was usually chasing after criminals, was now confined to a hospital bed.

Darkus had always been extremely close to his father, and had started showing interest in detective work at an early age.

So while his dad was in a coma, Darkus spent all his free time studying the notes of his most important cases. Darkus Knightley had always known that he would become a detective one day.

Suddenly, when Darkus had given up hope that his father would ever wake up, Alan Knightley opened his eyes as if he had just been having a nap.

And almost before his dad had time to get his life back together, the duo found themselves investigating their first case in Knightley and Son.

K-9 is the follow-up adventure for the two detectives. Something very strange is happening on the streets of London. Mysterious dogs are attacking policemen whenever there is a full moon. A pair of fearsome hounds start to follow Darkus, and even Wilbur, the loyal family pet, seems to be acting a bit strange. Soon Knightley & Son are hot on the trail of a villain that makes Sherlock Holmes' Hound of the Baskervilles look like a poodle.

Dogs have teeth, and the canine villains lurking in the moon-lit back alleys of London are not afraid to use them.

Knightley & Son: K-9 is a fun mystery novel that is perfect for readers who don't want anything too demanding. And with Darkus Knightley, Rohan Gavin has created a character that will have a certain appeal to youngsters who want to be a bit different themselves. This second action-packed and humorous detective-adventure never takes itself seriously and bounds along nicely with just the right amount of suspense, thrills and plot twists.

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