7 of the best book blogs out there for World Book Day

7 of the best book blogs out there for World Book Day

Books, books, and more books ... if you’re out of novels to read, then we’ve got just the blogs for you to check out for more reading material this summer

If you’re anything like us, you love to read ... but sometimes, it can be hard finding new reading material that isn’t just the stuff everyone else is reading, too. There are plenty of people out there who probably have the perfect book recommendation for you – and most of them can be found on the internet. We’ve found seven of the best book blogs out there for you, no matter if you’re into mystery murders, sci-fi, or even historical romances.

Alyssa Carlier

Magic, madness and murder is what Alyssa blogs about. She writes discussion posts and gushes about female-led books, and shares her best book blogging tips with readers. Her blog is perfect for teens who love to read more sinister tales and “diverse YA on the darker spectrum”.

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Chasing Faerytales

Co-owners of the blog Mishma and Jillian write book reviews and host special reading challenges. Jillian is currently away, but Mishma more than makes up for her absence by sharing her book expo experiences, and offering beta reading services to new authors.

Reading Asiam

No, that’s not a typo – it stands for Reading (As)(i)an (Am)erica. Shenwei, or Shenners, is an Asian American blogger who writes reviews on books focusing on Asian characters or settings, as well as books that feature “POC/indigenous, LGBTQ, disabled, religious minority characters” as their leads.

Read, Think, Ponder

EDIT April 2019: This blogger has moved here: https://thequietpond.com/

Are you looking for a blog that’s both clever but also super pretty? Look no further – Read, Think, Ponder is the blog you’re looking for. CW, the blogger behind the site, is an amazing writer AND an amazing artist. Her book reviews are always spoiler-free (not always possible in the world we live in) and straight to the point – and her fanart is super cute.

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Largehearted Boy

Owned by David Gutowski, this is a self-described “literature and music website” which explores the interaction between the two. Book Notes and Note Books are features that showcase exactly that – authors can create music playlists for their novels in Book Notes, and musicians can talk about what books inspired their music in Note Books.

One Way or An Author

Firstly, how awesome a title is that? Secondly, Aila’s blog makes this list because she adds personal insight into how or why she enjoyed a book, and offers new bloggers and amateur writers a place to showcase their work to her readers, too.

Book Riot

OK, this one isn't exactly a blog, but a subscription service which picks books based on your interests. However, it has plenty of ready-made TBRs based on themes, time of year, personal style, favourite colours ... there's a lot.

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