9 books you can’t miss out on this summer

9 books you can’t miss out on this summer

Looking for a great new book to sink your teeth now that exams are over and the holidays are here? Here are our top picks for sizzling summer reads

If Birds Fly Back 

By Carlie Sorosiak
Release date: June 27

This debut novel weaves together a story of two teenagers: Linny, a girl whose sister ran away and never returned; and Sebastian, whose father’s identity is a mystery waiting to be solved. Add a famous novelist and filmmaker to the mix,and you get a contemporary story that shimmers with untold secrets, humour, family, and love. If you enjoy books by Jandy Nelson and Emery Lord, you’re bound to love this, too.

When I Am Through With You

By Stephanie Kuehn  
Release date: August 1  

If you’re looking for suspense this summer, then don’t skip out on this exciting thriller. 

Ben Gibson is not sorry, and he’s not a liar either. A simple school camping trip ends in a death, and he’s not afraid to tell you whodunnit. It’s just that he won’t. At least, not yet. Confused yet? Hold on tight, the labyrinthine tale has just begun ...

When Dimple Met Rishi

By Sandhya Menon  
Out now

If you enjoy laugh-out-loud scenes and heartfelt romance, this book is definitely for you. Indian-Americans Dimple Shah and Rishi Patel are typical teenagers except for one thing: their parents have arranged for them to be married. 

Dimple is tired of her Mamma’s constant nagging to find the ideal “Indian Husband”, which is completely against her principles. Rishi, on the other hand, believes in tradition. Yet love wriggles its way into the most unlikely of places — even between total opposites. 

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The Life She Was Given

By Ellen Marie Wiseman
Release date: July 25  

This piece of historical fiction throws you into 1930s America, where the Depression has just taken root. Lilly Blackwood has never been allowed out of her room – until her mother sells her to the circus as a sideshow spectacle.

Fast-forward a couple of decades, and 19-year-old Julia Blackwood has just inherited her parents’ estate – and some mysterious photos of a young girl at a circus. The plot flip-flops between the eras, as Julia untangles tragic family secrets and tries to come to terms with a dark past. 

Song of the Current

By Sarah Tolcser  
Out now

Caroline Oresteia’s family has been called on by the River God for countless generations to set off on voyages through the Riverlands. Caroline is 17, but the god has yet to call her name, and she is plagued by the fear that he never will.

When Caroline’s father is arrested, she embarks on an adventure to earn his freedom — only to be caught up in a tangle of lies, with much more than just her father’s life and reputation at stake.

A truly magical fantasy, Sarah Tolcser contrives a story of gods, adventure, romance and destiny.

This is How it Happened

By Paula Stokes  
Release date: July 11  

A dark contemporary tale that will appeal to lovers of John Green novels, or If I Stay. 

Genevieve Grace can’t remember how she was injured, or how her boyfriend, a Youtube star named Dallas, died. But when she goes to her dad’s house to escape the cameras and the reporters, Brad Freeman, the other driver in the accident who is being blamed, is left to face trial by social media. 

But as flashes of memory return, Genevieve soon realises that she can’t hide – from the media, or from the truth. 

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Daughter of the Burning City 

By Amanda Foody  
Release date: July 25  

Sorina has a rare talent which allows her to paint illusions that are scarily lifelike, so she uses that skill to create a family. Yet however lifelike they are, they are just illusions. Or so she thinks until one of them is killed. In a story full of twists and turns, political turmoil and a forbidden romance, Sorina must discover the truth before she loses all her loved ones.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

By Leigh Bardugo  
Release date: August 29  

War is nigh. From the Six of Crows author Leigh Bardugo comes this tale of sisterhood between the Amazon princess, and a girl who has been created to inspire men to wage war. Can the strength of their friendship overcome Fate?

Once and For All 

By Sarah Dessin  
Out now

In need of a light and fluffy read? Sarah Dessin’s 13th book may be exactly what you need to make you feel all the feels. Louna’s not exactly looking for “happily-ever-after”– not since her first love ended badly. So when she meets Ambrose,  she’s careful not to get too close to him. But being his friend isn’t going to be easy, especially when Ambrose has met the girl he wants. 

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge

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