Jon Stewart's gone, but life goes on: 7 other sources for comedy news

Jon Stewart's gone, but life goes on: 7 other sources for comedy news

Jon Stewart hosted his final episode of The Daily Show on August 6, a sad day for comedy. But all is not lost! There are plenty of places to get your laughs while learning about world events.


Jon Stewart interviewed - and entertained - movie stars and presidents.
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One of the biggest TV events this summer was the retirement of Jon Stewart, who was the host of The Daily Show since 1999. Make no mistake about it, his political voice and attitude will be missed - as we were reminded again and again by a non-stop parade of butt-kissers in the show's final months.

For many years, Stewart was the go-to news source for a huge audience, but he's not the only source anymore. If you like your news liberally salted with comedy, then here are a few other shows you might want to check out.

The Daily Show ... with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah talks about Boko Haram
Yes. The Daily Show is not dead and gone after all. South African comedian Trevor Noah has big shoes to fill when he takes over as host of the show, but he has proven his humour with several stand-up specials. He'll man the desk for the first time when the show returns on September 28.
And he's not the only new face. Over the past year many of the show's "senior" correspondents jumped ship, but they have already been replaced by new up-and-coming comedians eager to prove themselves. Jessica Williams is already leading the way in this regard, producing hilarious segments as the show's "senior youth correspondent" and "senior Beyonce correspondent".

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore looks at how media portrays rioting in Ferguson
Larry Wilmore, who gave us tonnes of sidesplitting moments as the "senior black correspondent" on The Daily Show, now hosts his own programme, where he gives his own take on the latest headlines. As one of the few African-American talk show hosts on the air, Wilmore makes it his mission to force us to re-examine our ideas of race and race relations. Fortunately, he's really funny while he does it.  In a change from The Daily Show, The Nightly Show also features a round table forum with other comics, writers, and politicians who debate the top news stories.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver looks at online harassment
Another Daily Show alumnus, John Oliver actually served as host of that programme during the summer of 2013, when Jon Stewart was away filming a movie in Iran. Each episode of LWT makes a very quick news recap, but then changes gear to focus on one specific controversial (and usually unknown) topic, ranging from trans-gender rights, to using public funds for sports arenas, to Syrian dictators. With true comedic outrage, Oliver breaks the topic down in a way that's equal parts hilarious and informative. One of the best things about the show? Oliver is not afraid to poke fun at himself, like when he (regularly) puts his awkward high school photo on the screen.

The Onion

The Onion explains the rise of China
The Onion, which bills itself as "America's Finest News Source" has been providing biting satire for almost 30 years. They had a two-year TV run with the Onion News Network, but they continue to update their website with "news-ish" videos. Unlike The Daily Show, which features actual news stories and then makes fun of them, the Onion generally makes up funny stories that mock the style of how a news story is told by the media. Be warned, The Onion is one of those clickhole sites that will keep you laughing, forwarding, and posting for hours.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher looks at the cause and effect of the Charlie Hebdo shootings

While its humour is a little drier than most of the other offerings, Real Time still manages to point out the ridiculous side of politics and world news. Each episode features a weekly news recap coupled with a round table forum mediated by Maher, where celebrities and politicians give their - sometimes controversial - opinions.

This Hour has 22 Minutes

22 Minutes takes you on a tour of Canadian parliament
A weekly comedy from Canada, 22 Minutes looks at news from around the world and at home, and then pokes fun at them with one-liners or comedic breakdowns of the stories.

Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live

Former host Seth Meyers reads the news
Since SNL premiered back in 1975, Weekend Update has been a staple of each episode. Presented as an actual news broadcast, Weekend Update is a mix of special reports from cast members in character, and a pointed look at the week's top stories.

The list here is overwhelmingly American (except for 22 Minutes), but the Brits get into things, too. However most of their satire news programmes get converted into game shows, such as Mock the Week, or Have I Got News for You. It's a little disappointing that there's no weekly offering, considering the country puts out so much high quality work, such as this extremely funny (and tragically accurate) send up of the situation in Iraq. Impressionist Rory Bremner and comedians Bird and FortuneIt put this out in 2003, but the jokes - and the information - are still relevant today.

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