What to watch at these awesome Hong Kong film festivals in Sep and Oct

What to watch at these awesome Hong Kong film festivals in Sep and Oct

With a long lineup of film festivals coming to Hong Kong this autumn,Young Post has your definitive guide to the best indie films of the season


A Ghost Story explores life after death and is part of Sundance's Hong Kong lineup
Photo: Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong

While films can blur the lens on reality, some – such as the ones being showcased at three of Hong Kong’s upcoming film festivals – can widen or sharpen it. These festivals each brings stories, issues and discussions from around the world to the 852.

Here are the festival details, and the films we’re most excited about seeing at each of them.

The 7th Hong Kong Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

The annual festival, organised by Amnesty International Hong Kong, shows films that discuss human rights worldwide

When: September 22-29
Where: Broadway Cinematheque
Tickets: www.cinema.com.hk

What to watch:
Seven Years – Journalism without Journalists documents the struggle of frontline reporters in South Korea for freedom of press. It uncovers the ugly reality of media censorship in the country.

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The Jangmadang Generation follows the lives of North Korean youngsters involved in the Jangmadang, the country’s black market. It explores how the smuggled commodities they deal in reflect the attitudes of teenagers in the face of political oppression.

Black Code reveals the disgusting truths of internet surveillance. As well as investigating WikiLeak’s server model, the production team travelled from India and Pakistan to Brazil to get insider info from activists and hackers.

The 10th Chinese Documentary Festival

This annual event presents documentaries mainly from the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

When: September 9-October 19
Where: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Science Museum, Hong Kong Space Museum, Grand Cinema
Tickets: www.urbtix.hk

What to watch: 
Happy Birthday is 32-minute short which focuses on two midwives. The film raises awareness of this overlooked profession, while highlighting female self-autonomy.

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In My Leg, injured and disabled war veterans set up a prosthetic limb workshop to help people in need in East Myanmar, bringing together people of different ethnic backgrounds and political affiliations in an area where political conflicts rage on.

In 310 Tung Chau Street, three Vietnamese people share one tiny, cramped subdivided flat at 310 Tung Chau Street in Sham Shui Po. The documentary is both a portrayal of the lives of minorities in Hong Kong and an exploration of how to remain objective when telling a story.

2017 Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong

A collaboration between The Metroplex cinema and the Sundance Institute, this celebrates independent films from around the world.

When: September 21-October 1
Where: The Metroplex, Kitec
Tickets: www.metroplex.com.hk

What to watch:
A Ghost Story’s exploration of life after death turns many of our ideas about ghosts and spirits on their heads. While some of us imagine the spirits of our loved ones to live on and continue to watch over us, Ghost Story looks at what this means for those who have died, who must watch as the world moves on without them.

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City of Ghosts won the The Candescent Award at this year’s festival. It follows the journey of an anonymous group of journalists who risk their lives to report news on the conflict in Syria and the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Islamic State (IS).

Ingrid Goes West sees a woman move to Los Angeles to stalk the Instagram star she has become obsessed with. This dark comedy looks at the illusionary nature of social media.

28th Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

This non-profit group aims to eliminate discrimination against sexual minorities through film and works of art.

When: September 9-24
Where: AMC Pacific Place, Broadway Cinematheque, and The One
Tickets: Available at the cinema box offices

What to watch:
Close-Knit is a moving story about a transgender family as seen through the eyes 11-year-old Tomo as she tries to make sense of the discrimination her transgender step-mother Rinko regularly faces.

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Looking For? is a documentary that is both an exploration of dating in the age of mobile apps and of sexuality. It focuses on the experiences of gay men using dating apps, what they’re looking for and whether they find it.

The Wound After follows the story of Xolani, a gay teen who grew up with the ritual of male circumcision within his traditional Xhosa community who finds his definition of manhood challenged by Kwanda, a semi-westernised young man who has also struggled with his sexuality.

Edited by Karly Cox

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