It's a go for Pokemon in Japan

It's a go for Pokemon in Japan

But government still stressed

Pokemon Go has been released in Japan today, after the government warned players to play safely and not trespass.

Three teenagers entered the premises of a nuclear power plant in Ohio in the United States in search of Pokemon, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s blog.

The Japanese government is calling on players in the home of Pokemon creator Nintendo, not to play while walking or riding a bicycle, and warns them against entering off-limit areas.

Spies tell us how to protect our identity while playing Pokemon Go

Ahead of the Japan launch, railway operators said they were concerned that enthusiastic players may get involved in accidents or cause trouble to other passengers.

"We’ve been repeatedly asking [passengers] not to use smartphones while walking on platforms," West Japan Railway Co. President Tatsuo Kijima said on Wednesday.

A group of lawyers in Niigata Prefecture, central Japan, has called on a local education board to make sure elementary and junior high school students will be taught to use the app properly.


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