7 tips on how to play Pokémon Go

7 tips on how to play Pokémon Go

Things to know before you Go

Among all the hints and tips flowing out of the pokesphere the most important seems to be missing:

1 Don't die while you're out there

Too many players become so focused on the game that they don't look where they are going. Don't let this happen to you. Also, the normal rules of life still apply. Don't go climbing through fences or standing on railway lines or other stupid things just to catch a Pokemon. Respawn buttons are not for real.

2 Close the app

You don't have to have it open all the time. Open it just to see what's going on around you. Give your app enough time to update and for you to see what Pokemon are around. You will be able to catch them all as long as you're standing still. When you're finished, close the app. That way you'll save battery.

3 Only keep the GPS on when you're Pokehunting

You only need to have your app open when you're at a Poke Stopo or a landmark, or if you are actively hunting.

4 Don't stress over Poke Stops

Poke Stops are not make or break. You can collect Pokemon just by going to different areas. You don't need to get to every Poke Stop.

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5 Use your Poke Balls wisely

When you find a wild Pokemon, don't go crazy throwing Poke Balls at it. Turn your AR camera off to more easily centre the Pokemon on screen to make aiming easier. This way you'll be able to save your Poke Balls for those pesky Raticates - that aren't even worth catching in the first place and can take up to five different Poke Balls before they surrender.

6 Watch the ring

Keep an eye on the green or orange ring that appears when you're about to throw your Ball. Wait until it is at its largest before throwing. That way you'll hit your mark and save on buying more Poke Balls.

7 There are enough Pokemon for all

While you're walking around looking for Pokemon, remember that the Tangela around the corner isn't unique to you. Just because you catch it, that doesn't mean your friends can't. There're enough for everyone. So just because your buddy caught a Staryu that doesn't mean your chances of nabbing one are suddenly zilch. Keep plugging away.



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