9 reasons why people who give away spoilers are worse than Joffrey and Thanos combined

9 reasons why people who give away spoilers are worse than Joffrey and Thanos combined

If you've already secured your 'Avengers: Endgame' tickets, or always watch 'Game of Thrones' the minute it's broadcast, keep it to yourself!


Did the Three-Eyed Raven give Bran Stark spoilers? No! He did not!
Photo: HBO

To all those who shared leaked footage of Avengers: Endgame, or take to Twitter to discuss all the shocking GoT twists 12 hours ahead of fans in other countries, this is for you. 

We get it. You got to the newest episode ahead of everyone else. But spoilers - from not-so-elusive hints as to what happened to in-your-face declarations - should really be held for at least 48 hours. If you gave away a spoiler: shame on you, and may Drogon set you aflame, or Thanos Snap you! 

1. It's just plain rude. Why would you do that?

2. Some people have busier schedules, give them time to catch up first.

3 If you're posting a picture that blatantly reveals what happens, you know it's near impossible to scroll past fast enough to not see what it is.

4) What are you trying to prove? That you watched something before all your friends (who will now unfriend you) or what a big meanie you are? Okay, well done. Gold star for you.

5. You got to watch the story with no one ruining it for you, why would you spoil the enjoyment for someone else?

6. You know how trailers promo a story without giving away spoilers? Yeah, that's called smart. People consciously giving away spoilers knowing there must be others who haven't seen something yet? That's not smart. Are you smart or not smart?

7. You are forcing unrequested information on others. Forcing something on others is never a good thing.

8. You know you'd hate it if someone did it to you.

9. There are certain words we can't use here at Young Post. Don't be those words. Just don't.

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