Script: Ah, Techology!

Script: Ah, Techology!

Megan and Bob are close friends. Megan is really good with modern technology, but Bob is a bit of a technophobe! He's not very good at working things out when he gets a new piece of tech! But Megan is always there to help him and explain things.

Megan: It's quite simple really. Put the SD card into this adapter.

Bob: It won't fit. The slot's too big.

Megan: There are four slots in the adapter - each for a different type of card. Yours is a micro SD card. It will fit into one of them.

Bob: Oh, it goes into this one. Click!

Megan:  Now put the adapter into the USB slot ……. here.

Bob: I know where the USB slot is! I’m not that dim! What’s next?

Megan: Well, I think it would be a good idea to turn it on, don’t you?

Bob: Oh, very funny! Okay, what now?

Megan: You see this folder? Well if you click on it, it will open and you’ll see a list of all your photos.

Bob: Which are the ones I took yesterday at the beach?

Megan: I haven’t a clue! You will have to open the photos to see. Click on the first one.

Bob: It doesn’t open.

Megan: Double click. You only clicked once. Try again.

Bob: Right. Oh, there we are! Brilliant! Oh, it’s upside down. You’re standing on your head, ha ha ha!

Megan: Click here to rotate the picture. Right, left, other way up.

Bob: That’s better.

Megan: You should name your photos and delete the ones you don’t want to keep. And you should also name the folder.

Bob: Good idea!

Megan: And you see this icon? It’s to eject the card adapter. You must press it before you actually remove the card or you might damage it.

Bob: Like I eject my external hard drive before I unplug it.

Megan: Exactly. Now let’s open the photos one at a time, delete the ones you don’t want and name the rest. That one’s a good one. I remember you took lots of piccies of the food. I hope they’ve come out ok.

Bob: While you’re here, I’ve got another machine for you to fix. Look at this. My last one was really easy to work. This one is so complicated. It does loads of stuff I will never need. And the instruction booklet is useless.

Megan: It’s a different brand to mine, but they all basically do the same thing and have the same controls.

Bob: There were only three settings on my other one. Full, half-power and defrost. There are five on this.

Megan: First we need to set the clock to the right time. It’s flashing three zeros. Press that button with the clock at the side, and then turn this big knob to get the time. It’s twenty three minutes to six.

Bob: Ok.

Megan: Now press the clock button to set the time.

Bob: Right. Done.

Megan: Your microwave settings are this button with the three waves next to it.  Keep pressing it until you get the setting you want. I only use full, 50 per cent and defrost on mine.

Bob: You never bother with the others?

Megan: Very rarely. If I’m cooking something and it tells me on the packet to use a different setting, then I do follow that.

Bob: What next?

Megan: When you’ve got your setting, press start, then turn the big knob till you’ve got the time you want. Then press start again and off you go.

Bob: How do I defrost something?

Megan: Weigh it first. Stick it in the oven. Select the “DEF” setting. Press start and then select the weight by turning the knob. Then press start again

Bob: I think that’s it. That’s all the functions covered, I think. Thanks very much. Pass me your mug of coffee. It will be going cold. I’ll heat it up.

Megan: Thanks. Happy cooking!!!!! Or should I say ‘Happy heating up of take-away meals’!


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