Script: The other day

Script: The other day

This conversation between good friends Alice and Polly. They've been friends since primary one, but now they go to different secondary schools. When they meet up, they always have a lot to talk about.

Alice: You'll never guess what happened to me the other day.

Polly:  I'm all ears. I could do with hearing something interesting because I had such a boring day at school today.

Alice: Well, the other day when I got home from school, I decided to walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift. I've decided to do this at least once a day as part of my fitness plan. Ha ha! I was just coming up to the first floor when I heard a strange noise a bit like a baby crying.

Polly: Were you scared?

Alice: Of course not! But it was an odd noise to hear while walking up stairs. It got louder and I knew it wasn't a baby. When I got to the second floor I saw a bundle of what I thought were old clothes on the floor. The noise was coming from that.

Polly: I hope you didn't touch it. Did you go to find someone to investigate?

Alice: No need. I'm not a scaredy-cat like you!

Polly: Thanks a lot!

Alice: Well, it wasn't a pile of old clothes. It was a blanket rolled into a ball. And the whimpering noise was definitely coming from inside. I bent down and gently folded the blanket back. And what a surprise! Wrapped in the blanket was the cutest little puppy.

Polly: Oh, no!

Alice: It was shaking with fear and whimpering. Someone had just dumped it there.

Polly: What did you do?

Alice: What could I do? I picked it up and took it upstairs. Mum was home and nearly fell over with shock when I walked in holding a puppy.     

Polly: I bet!

Alice: Mum isn't a dog lover at the best of times and just stood there staring. She wouldn't touch it. But I took the puppy into the kitchen and gave it some milk to drink and a bit of chopped-up cooked chicken to eat. The poor thing wolfed it down.

Polly: It must have been famished.

Alice: When DAD got home, we decided to print out a notice saying we’d had found the puppy, and I went and stuck one by the lift on each floor. But I knew no one would come and claim it. It had been dumped by some dreadful person who didn't want it.

Polly: Does your dad like dogs?

Alice: Yes, he does actually. Anyway, Dad rang the SPCA to see what we should do. They suggested we kept the puppy with us over night, and Dad said he would take it into their kennels in the morning. They said the puppy might have been chipped and then they could trace its owner. But I knew that wouldn't happen.  The puppy had been dumped like a piece of rubbish.

Polly: Oh, you're really upsetting me!

Alice: Dad left the puppy at the kennels and they are going to check it over. It's a little boy. About six weeks old. We're going back to the kennels next week to see what to do next.

Polly: I know what you're going to say now!

Alice: I thought you might! I'm working on Dad to let me keep the puppy if no one claims it. Mum is going to take a bit more convincing. She will dig her heels in and say 'No', but Dad and I will do our best to convince her to change her mind. Two against one! Ha ha .......

Polly: Good luck! I'm sure your mum will cave in. I bet you've already thought of a name! Come on! What are you going to call him? Nothing too stupid. One of my mother's friends calls her dog 'Bluebell'! How dumb is that?


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