Script: Healthy Ice cream

Script: Healthy Ice cream

A dream has come true for dessert lovers. They can now gorge themselves on their favourite food to their heart’s content thanks to a new ice cream invented by two young British brothers.

Voice 1: Tucking into a tub of your favourite ice cream  has always been a guilty pleasure. Ice cream  is packed with fats and sugar, two foodstuffs that harm our bodies.

Voice 2: Frozen yoghurt has tried to pass itself off as a healthy option to ice-cream, but it doesn’t quite cut the mustard. The texture, taste and entire experience of eating froyo is nowhere near as pleasurable and satisfying as tucking into a tub of ice cream .

Voice 1: Ice cream  - is your mouth watering at the very mention of the words? - looked as if it would always be on the list of treats to eat in moderation. Just a small tub or cone now and again, and certainly no eating an entire tub sitting on the sofa watching TV unless you wanted to become as big as a whale and develop heart disease.

Voice 2: But now all guilt has been swept away. Charlie and Harry Thuillier have come up with a product that is not just low in calories, but is actually good for you. And the great thing about their ice cream  is that tastes just like the version that is packed with fat and calories.

Voice 1: Ice cream  that has fewer calories than an apple? How can this be? It’s all a matter of ingredients. Oppo ice cream  replaces sugar and cream with stevia - a naturally sweet leaf with zero calories - and coconut oil. The flavours come from delicious superfoods like baobab and lacuma. All this ends up as a mouthwateringly-good dessert without the hidden nasties, calories and dodgy additives.

Voice 2: The Thuillier brothers came up with the idea for this new ice cream  during an adventure expedition to Brazil in 2011. Here they discovered the wonderful properties of coconut milk and, already having a love for all-natural foods, they returned home with a mission: to make an ice cream  that was delicious and healthy.

Voice 1: Charlie and Harry set up a company, but it wasn’t all plain-sailing. It took Charlie two years of research, working with different food manufacturers, and four grants from the University of York and the British government until he had created the product he wanted.

Voice 2: And that was just the beginning. Work then had to be done to build up a brand and to get it into the market.

Voice 1: Oppo ice cream  is now on the shelves in some UK supermarkets, and the mission to market the product as a healthy indulgence is underway. The target consumer is the ice cream  lovers who want to look after their health. Customers have so far fed back excellent comments about this new and exciting product.

Voice 2: Oppo ice cream  comes in three yummy flavours: Madagascan Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Mint Choc Swirl. An average serving dishes up 78 calories, compared to a leading brand ice cream weigh-in at 225 calories. Oppo’s average fat is 3.6 grams compared to 15.3, with a carbohydrate content of 7 grams as opposed to 17.

Voice 1: And then, of course, there is the delicious taste and the authentic ‘mouth-feel’. Now, thanks to two enterprising young men in the UK, ice cream  lovers now can really have their cake and eat it. Pass me a large spoon!


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