Script: I'm on top of the world

Script: I'm on top of the world

If you were literally ‘on top of the world’, would you fall off? Luckily, the expression means that you are very happy

Conversation 1

Max: Ok. Thank you so much! Bye! [hang up phone] Good morning! delightful Donna! And how are you this lovely, sunny Monday morning? You are well, I hope? Did you have a brilliant weekend?

Donna: My goodness! What's happened? Why are you so bright eyed and bushy tailed? You’re usually so grumpy at the start of the week: a grunted “good morning” and that's it.

Max: Moi? Grumpy? Never! You are confusing me with someone else!

Donna: I don't think so!

Max: Well, anyway, this morning I’m on top of the world.

Donna: I can see that. What's happened? Anything to do with that phone call? I tried to eavesdrop, but you were really quiet.

Max: You remember last October when a group of us went camping on Lantau for the  weekend?

Donna: And you took a million photographs. Yes, I remember. You never had your camera out of your hand. Click, click, click!

Max: You know I'm a keen shutter bug. You probably won't remember but I got up early on Sunday morning to photograph the sunrise. I was lucky. The sky was cloudless and I got some great shots.

Donna: Yes, I must admit some of those photos were amazing.

Max: Amazing? They were brilliant. Just before Easter I entered one of them in a competition in a photography magazine I get every month. That phone call was to tell me I'd won first prize. This is the first time I've ever won  anything in my life. First prize! How about that?

Donna: That's fantastic news! What's the prize then?

Conversation 2

Mrs Wu: Good morning, Mrs Lee. How are you today? Have you got over the flu you  had last week? Your daughter told me you were quite ill.

Mrs Lee: I've totally recovered, thank you. I haven't had a bout of flu for ages, and yes, I was quite poorly last week. My daughter got me some medicine from the pharmacy, and after a couple of days in bed, I started to come round.

Mrs Wu: You certainly look well.

Mrs Lee: I feel on top of the world at the moment, actually. I had some good news yesterday that really cheered me up.

Mrs Wu: How nice!

Mrs Lee: Yes. My son Jack is coming home to Hong Kong next month to see us all. He's  managed to get two weeks off work. We haven't seen him since he left for university.

Mrs Wu: He works abroad, doesn't he?

Mrs Lee: Yes, he lives in London. He went to the UK just a little over three years ago to study accounting at the LSE. He got excellent exam results in his exams and ended up as one of their top students. A finance company in London offered him a good job, and he decided to stay. The family was very pleased for him, but we were a bit sad also that he wasn't coming home to work.

Mrs Wu: I can see why you're so happy this morning.

Mrs Lee: And that isn't all. Jack has met an English girl at work and they've been dating for almost a year now. Her name's Maisie. And he's bringing her to Hong Kong to meet the family. He hasn't said anything, but I think they must be quite  serious about each other if he's asked her to come with him. Yes, I'm feeling on top of the world today. And how are you, Mrs Wu? I hear some new people have  moved into the flat next to you. I hope they won't be  noisy like the last lot were.


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