Script: The Snowflake Hotel

Script: The Snowflake Hotel

Thousands of tourists head to Norway to see the Northen Lights. Soon you’ll be able to stay in a very special hotel and enjoy the “show” from your room.

Voice 1: Thousands of tourists head to Norway every year. Many of them visit just to admire the snowy, tree-lined landscapes and see the amazing Northern Lights, the spectacular light show that nature puts on in the skies over northern Norway between late autumn and early spring.

Voice 2: The Northern Lights is the greatest free show in the world, and many visitors to Norway choose to see it from the comfort of a cruise ship. Much of Norway’s coast is cut into by fjords, natural inlets of water that slice deep into the landmass. Sailing the fjords provides wonderful views of the stunning Norwegian landscapes and the spectacular Northern Lights.

Voice 1: From 2016, visitors to Norway will have a new way of seeing the Northern Lights. They will be able to lie back in a comfortable bed, covered with a goose-down duvet, with a glass of eggnog in their hands and watch the show through the glass wall and roof of their luxury room, in the world's first floating snowflake hotel.

Voice 2: The Krystall Hotel will have 86 five-star guest rooms, a spa and a conference centre all cosily constructed in a snowflake-shaped structure floating in the middle of one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. This spot has been carefully selected for its breathtaking position.

Voice 1: This amazing hotel will be near Tromso, a popular tourist town in the Arctic Circle known as one of the best places in Norway to see the Northern Lights. The hotel will be fixed to the floor of the Tromso fjord so that it doesn't float away. It is currently being built in sections in a dockyard in Holland, and when the pieces are ready, they will be towed by boat to Norway and fixed into position.

Voice 2: The Krystall Hotel has been designed to be completely environmentally friendly. It will not damage or negatively affect the local environment. The whole building could be dismantled and removed from its site if necessary without any permanent damage to the eco structure of the fjord or its surroundings. If the hotel is demolished in, say, a hundred years, it will leave no physical footprint behind.

Voice 1: Because the hotel is built on water, the only way guests and services will get there will be by boat. But that boat ride is the only time they’ll need their sea legs once inside the Krystall, it is utterly still, thanks to a complicated system of dampers, cables and springs that will stabilise the structure.

Voice 2: The cost of building the Krystall has not been disclosed, but estimates put it at 15 per cent higher than building an equivalent hotel on land. So, rooms here are not going to be cheap. But who's counting dollars for the chance to stay in one of the world's most unusual hotels? And of course, the light show outside comes free.


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