Script: Domestic disasters

Script: Domestic disasters

Last week, Jenn, Ruby and Jake had little accidents at home that they are keen to talk about what happened.

Jenn: When my mum finds out what I've done she will absolutely kill me. But I'm going to have to tell her before long and face the consequences. You know that absolutely hideous bowl on the coffee table in front of the sofa? We sometimes keep fruit in it. Officially it’s mine. My grandmother gave it to Mum. My mum passed it onto me as a family heirloom. I told her I didn't want it, but she insisted it was an important part of the family and that I should have it. Grandma said it was Ming Dynasty or something like that. But I think she picked it up in some local junk market. Well, guess what! I was vacuuming the other day, banged into the table and knocked the stupid bowl onto the floor. It shattered into a million pieces. Mum will say I broke it on purpose. What should I do? Shall I tell her the truth or make up a story?

Ruby: When Anita finds out what I've done she will absolutely kill me. This could be the end of our friendship. She’ll blow her top. Let me tell you what happened and maybe you’ll have an idea as to what I should do. Well, last week I borrowed Anita's white Japanese shirt to wear at the school prom. You know the one. Her rich uncle brought it back for her from Tokyo. It cost a fortune. I knew it would look great with my black skirt. I asked her if I could borrow it and she said yes – after all, she borrows my stuff all the time. She told me to be careful I didn't spill anything down it, and I told her I would be. Well, last night I noticed a button on the shirt had come a bit loose, so I decided to stitch it back on. And disaster! I stabbed myself in the finger with the needle and blood spurted all over the shirt. I've never seen so much blood. Mum told me to throw the shirt straight away in a bowl of cold water. But it didn’t help. The shirt is an absolute mess. What should I do?

Jake: Mum and Dad are going to kill me when they get back from Shanghai. I told you they'd gone to visit Grandma for a few days. It took me ages to persuade them I would be okay on my own. Aunt Josephine usually comes to stay when Mum and Dad go away without me, but I'm too old for a babysitter now. I persuaded them I would be alright ... but disaster has struck. They will never leave me on my own again. I decided to be really clever last night and cook myself a pasta bake for dinner. Easy I thought. But when it was done I used oven gloves to lift the hot dish out of the oven and I dropped it on the floor. A red hot dish full of pasta on the new wooden floor! We have just had the kitchen renovated and it's my mother's pride and joy. The dish not only shattered, it left burn marks in the wood. I cleared up as much as I could, but the floor is ruined. I am in so much trouble.


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