Script: I've had a terrible argument

Script: I've had a terrible argument

Arguments and rows can be upsetting and unpleasant. Listen to Daisy and Jack talking about recent arguments they've each had.

Daisy: You know me. I'm the calmest, quietest person in the world, but last night I had the most awful argument with my dad. It's the first time ever we've had a row like that and I'm still shaking. Even this morning at breakfast, Dad wouldn't speak to me. He ate breakfast in silence and then stormed out of the kitchen.

It's quite a long story. Ten years ago, Dad was in business with his step-brother, Uncle Joe. They struggled a bit when they set the business up, but they soon got on their feet and were very successful. Both Dad and Joe, put money in to start the business off, both worked very hard, and everything was fine.

Then things started to go pear-shaped and Joe and my Dad stopped speaking to each other. I don't know what went wrong. The business closed down and the two of them haven't seen each other or spoken since. That was eleven years ago.

A month ago, Uncle Joe got in touch with me and asked if I could    meet him. He is quite ill with a bad heart problem and he would like to see Dad and patch things up. I said I would talk to Dad. Well, I did that last night, and he was furious with me for seeing Uncle Joe. We had this massive argument. I'm really upset and I don't know what to do.

Jack: I've just had the most terrible argument with the man next door. I can hardly believe how unpleasant he was. His temper went off like a rocket and he shouted and screamed at me, but I managed to keep my cool and say what I wanted to say.

He's lived in the flat next door for about six weeks. Everything was fine at first, and then the noise started. He plays music at full blast late at night. I stood it for a few nights and then went round to see him and explained that his music was keeping me awake. He apologised and said he would turn it down. I thought he was being very reasonable.

Then three nights ago, it all kicked off again. I could tell that the television was on at top volume and then the music started. I'm sure he was doing it just to annoy me. I put some ear plugs in and did manage to get some sleep. I did this for three nights and then this morning I went round to see him again. What a nightmare! He started to argue straight away and then he slammed the door in my face. I'm really upset and don't know what to do next.


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