Script: Hotel Advisor

Script: Hotel Advisor

These three travellers from Hong Kong recorded vlog entries of the accommodation website Hotel Advisor about hotels they recently stayed in. What did they think? What were their hotels like?

Speaker 1: We stayed in the 'Glen Hotel' right in the centre of London. The location was brilliant. Our bedroom was on the second floor and when we heard that, we thought we might have a problem with traffic noise. But, no. The soundproofing was very good, and we didn't hear a thing. The room was quite big. I don't know the actual size. They don't give room sizes like they do in Hong Kong. There wasn't a view, of course, but that didn't matter.

There was an armchair and a small sofa as well as a big desk. Free wi-fi, and this worked well. There was cable TV, but we didn't bother with this. There were two double beds. The bathroom was really good with both a bath and a shower and free toiletries. The whole room was spotlessly clean. There wasn't a gym or full restaurant or pool at the hotel, but we didn't expect this.

We were about five minutes from the nearest underground train station. The London version of the MTR is called 'the Tube'. Breakfast wasn't included in the price, so we just  went to a coffee shop instead. Yes, I would most certainly recommend this hotel. It was comfortable and very good value for money.

Speaker 2: I stayed at The 'George East' in Sydney. Avoid at all costs. It was one of the worst hotels I have stayed in in my entire life - and I have stayed in hotels all over the world. I’d put this one right at the bottom of the list. The location was fine - the hotel is right in the middle of the Central Business District. But that's the only good thing about it. The staff in reception were so rude and couldn't be bothered to answer any questions I asked. All of them should be fired. My room was on the fifth floor and was next to the lift shaft. I knew as soon as I walked into the room that the noise of the lift going up and down would be a problem. I called reception and asked if I could change rooms. They said the hotel was fully booked and there wasn't an empty room. This was strange because I only saw another couple of guests in the lobby. I don't think the hotel was full at all, the staff just couldn't be bothered to find another room for me. Dreadful service. Absolutely dreadful!

Speaker 3: We stayed at the "Your Hub' Hotel in New York. What a pleasant experience. I will certainly stay here again. The hotel is quite new. It’s one of these boutique hotels that are springing up all over the city, and it has only been open two months. The rooms are quite small. There isn't much space to walk around. But the rooms are advertised as small and compact, so I wan’t surprised when I opened the door. The layout of the room is quite clever. On the right as you walk in is the bathroom. The walls are made of frosted glass. Right against the bathroom wall is a double bed and that takes up the space to the far wall. The bed is quite high off the floor and underneath there is space for bags or suitcases. On the wall at the end of the bed is a flat screen TV and under that there is a pull-out desk. There’s a small window. The view was brilliant: a concrete wall! There was a small bucket shaped chair, a tiny space for hanging clothes, and some more hooks and a hairdryer fixed to the wall. Everything was so functional. On the wall behind the bedhead was a touch-button display to control the  temperature and the lighting. You even turn on the 'Do Not Disturb' sign from here. The hotel is very near Grand Central Station. I don't know if I would want to stay in such a small room for more than two nights, but for a short stay, this hotel is excellent.


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