Script: How was your trip?

Script: How was your trip?

This week, our four speakers have recently travelled. When they got to their destination, someone politely asked 'How was your trip?'. Listen to the four replies, and then answer the questions. Our speakers are Kirsty, Peter, June and George in that order.

Kirsty: The crossing was a bit rough. We had a cabin, but I couldn't sleep. I wasn't actually sick, but I certainly didn't feel well. I was glad when we reached dry land. We were almost two hours late and so missed our train. We had to wait an hour and a half for the next train, and it was quite busy but we did manage to get a couple of seats. I still didn't feel too well after the sea crossing, so I fell asleep on the train. I usually read during train journeys, but my book stayed in my bag today. I'm okay now, but we'll need a meal when you get us to the hotel. I'm feeling a bit peckish.

Peter: Excellent, thank you. We were late taking off, but the pilot made up for lost time. I was upgraded to Business Class, so I had a flat bed and a good sleep. In all the time I have been flying out here, that’s never happened before, it must have been my lucky day. But, still, the food wasn't much. I couldn't face the breakfast they served before we landed. I only ate a bit of bread and jam. So I’m looking forward to a nice dinner tonight. Are we going to that little Italian place near the hotel as usual? I can't wait to get my teeth into that delicious pizza they do. Mmm… We don't have a meeting until tomorrow morning, do we?

June: I can't wait to get home. I’ll have to go straight to bed. I must have been stupid to take a seven-hour coach journey. What was I thinking? I've just endured the seven worst hours of my life. It was packed and so noisy, it was like being in a fish market. There was one family sitting near me and all they did was shout at each other and laugh loudly the whole journey. I was sitting next to a woman who wanted to tell me her life story. Even when I told her I wanted to sleep, she wouldn't take the hint. Then the battery on my phone died so I couldn't listen to any music. And the seat was so uncomfortable, it was like rock. The air-con wasn't very efficient and the air was stuffy and smelly. Oh, please get me home as soon as possible. Never again!

George: Very good, thanks. The roads were quite quiet and I made good time. It took me a while to get used to the car I hired because it was much smaller than the one I drive in Hong Kong. I felt as if I was in a sardine can. No room at all in the boot for my luggage. But the thing could really move. Once I got my foot down it just ate up the kilometres. I stopped once at a service station for a rest and something to eat. In fact, I quite enjoyed being behind the wheel once I got going. No, not a bad journey at all.



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