Script: Gutted!

Script: Gutted!

Old words often reenter the English language with new meanings, One such word is the adjective 'gutted'. The verb 'to gut' means to remove the inner organs from a dead animal or fish. But the past participle of the verb, the word 'gutted' has, during the past few years, become very popular in English, and it has a meaning of its own. If you say 'I'm gutted' it means you are very, very upset. Paul, Veronica and Matt are all very upset about something.

Paul: You will never guess what happened at work today - I've told you about the new girl who sits at the desk next to me. She's very pleasant and good at her job. I had nothing against her until today. This morning the boss sent for her - she was in his office for almost an hour. We were all wondering what was going on. Well, she came out with a grin on her face like a Cheshire cat and announced to all of us that the boss had offered her the job of deputy office manager. We don't even have a deputy office manager. He's created the position just for her. I'm absolutely gutted. And I'm not the only one.

Veronica: I'm gutted, I've lost my phone! Or it might have been stolen. I'm in trouble. I had it  this morning when I was in the café before class. I was on my own. I remember giving Mum a call. I was sure I put my phone in my bag after hanging up. The shop was packed and I didn’t stay there long. I always check around me in the seat area to make sure I haven't left anything. Did I miss my bag and drop the phone on the floor? I remember getting the key from the sales counter and going to the bathroom. Did my phone fall out of my bag then? I think I've had it stolen. What do you think I should do! Dad’s going to kill me!

Matt: I'm absolutely gutted that Dad has found out about the surprise birthday party we were organising for him. Two days to go, and he's found out. And it was one of you  who told him, it must have been. The five of us were the only ones who knew. So,  who is going to own up? Everything is ruined now. I am really gutted. All that effort I had put into getting the party organised and keeping it a secret. One of you has let me down - as well as Dad!


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