Script: Get the picutre?

Script: Get the picutre?

If you ask someone 'Get the picture?', you are seriously asking if the person has fully understood what you are saying or explaining. It's a rhetorical question, and you don't really expect an answer.

Christopher: First of all, you must all look your smartest. Every hair in place, and every tie perfectly straight. This is the first time the managing director from London has visited our hotel, and we have to give him the very best impression. You will be the first team of people he meets after he walks through the front door. You know he is due to arrive at ten o'clock. Lots of our guests will be checking out. You must all look busy and efficient when Mr Dee arrives. I am going to bring him straight here from the airport. I will introduce him to as many of you as I can, but if you are dealing with a guest, I will not disturb you. I will certainly introduce him to Penny and I am sure he will want to know how we manage reception. So, it's business as usual, but we must all make the very best impression. Get the picture? I don't think I need to say anything else.

Lisa: We’re very lucky that Mrs Lee is letting us hold a fund-raising sale in the school hall. It took me a long time to get her to agree, so we must not make a mess of things. It is up to the ten of us to make sure everything runs smoothly. Get the picture? Right. First, we must ask at least six teachers to be present at the sale. Let’s think about who will be most willing to help us? Next week we must send a letter out to all classes explaining what the sale is and asking for people to donate items like books, DVDs, CDs and so on. We will make a list of things we want and things that we don't. No clothing, for example. And we must decide when people can bring their second-hand items and where we are going to store them. But most importantly, our organisation must be perfect, because if we mess this up our charity sale will not only be the first one the school has held, it will also be the last!


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