Script: The 3Ps pet spa

Script: The 3Ps pet spa

If you’ve been putting off that long-needed holiday because you don’t want to leave your four-legged friend behind, 3Ps Pet Spa has the solution.

Voice 1: Welcome to the 3Ps Pet Spa. 3Ps: that's Pets. Pampering. Professional. If you've been putting off that long-needed holiday or that weekend away because you don't want to leave your four-legged friend behind in a kennel, our solution will make you feel less guilty. You can send your pet away for a holiday as well, a four star holiday with only the best of everything.

Voice 2: Four-star food, four-star facilities and four-star treatment - that's what we offer at our pet spa. 3Ps is not just a boarding kennel for your cat or dog, it's a resort where your furry friend will be cared for and pampered by loving, professional attendants who know everything there is to know about pet care.

Voice 1: 3Ps is a unique, twenty acre high-quality, modern facility tucked away in the countryside but only a short drive out of town. The facility is a purpose-built resort designed specifically for your pet's enjoyment and for your peace of mind.

Voice 2: You can rest assured that your pet will be safe and well cared for in our spotlessly clean accommodation and grounds. Each pet's needs are met by professional, trained care workers. Each pet is assigned his or her personal carer who will be responsible for every aspect of your four-legged friend's well-being during the stay.

Voice 1: Boarding for both cats and dogs is in individual units with an emphasis on your pet's complete comfort, health and enjoyment. Our facility maintains a regular cleaning routine, and it goes without saying that all animals in our care are treated with the utmost kindness at all times.

Voice 2: Our daily routine includes lots of individual attention and exercise. We have fun here at 3Ps and we enjoy our work. Your pet will have fun too!

Voice 1: Dogs have two exercise periods a day when their carer will take them for a walk in our lovely grounds. This one-on-one time with your dog's carer will be spent doing what your dog enjoys most, chasing a ball, playing a game of tug of war or having a nice long cuddle. If your dog is sociable, he might even make some doggie friends here at 3Ps.

Voice 2: Quality time with cats is spent playing and grooming. We have a special cat room where sociable cats can meet and play with other cats and kittens and enjoy playing with our special cat toys.

Voice 1: Grooming is a special treat at 3Ps. We have a new bathing system for both dogs and cats, which is great fun. And our specially trained pet beauticians are expert at combing, clipping and brushing.

Voice 2: So, please give us a call on the following number to discuss a possible stay at 3Ps for your pet. Both you and your special friend will be glad you did.


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