Script: Making arrangements

Script: Making arrangements

Donna Wu is about to buy her first flat. She's organised a mortgage and has saved up enough money for a deposit. Now all she has to do is find a flat that she likes within her price range. Today, an estate agent calls Donna about a flat she thinks will be suitable.

Ms Wong: Good morning, Donna. This is Cindy Wong from Bright Homes. A property has just come on the market that I think you will be interested in. It's a very attractive property and I don't think it will be on the market for very long. Flats like this one in this area move very quickly. If you are interested,  I think you should come view it as soon as you can.

Donna: Oh, great. Can you give me details please?

Ms Wong: No problem. It's a unit on the seventeenth floor of Block C, Yang Kwong Court, Wong Tai Sin. It's near Tin Ma Court, which you thought was a good area. We discussed a flat there last week but you thought it was too small.

Donna: Yes, I remember.

Ms Wong: This one is 479 square feet. The usable space is 351 square feet.  It's got a separate bedroom of 45 square feet. There is a washing machine plumbed into the bathroom. The owner had to move to Shanghai for his job so that's why the property has come on the market. He wants a quick sale but hasn't put an exact price on the property yet. But it will be within your price range.

Donna: That all sounds good.

Ms Wong: The owner has only lived there a year and a half. And before he moved in, he had the place completely renovated. A new kitchen area,  new bathroom and new built-in cupboards. The flat is in excellent decorative order.

Donna: When can I go view it? I'm certainly interested from what you've told  me.

Ms Wong: I can arrange a viewing appointment to suit you. As I said, the flat is vacant and we have the keys. I was wondering about tomorrow morning, say about ten?

Donna: Brilliant. That would suit me fine.

Ms Wong: Now, you're not familiar with the area, are you?

Donna: No, not really. My parents used to live in Chuk Yuen Estate, but that was quite a while ago.

Ms Wong: I will meet you in the lobby tomorrow at about ten. Block C, Yang Kwong  Court.

Donna: Yes, I've jotted that down.

Ms Wong: Get the mtr to Lok Fu and go out of Exit A. There's only one exit. Go out to the main road  and turn left. You go down a few steps and across a bit of a piazza. Walk up the road on your left and you'll pass a McDonalds. You'll see  a couple of minibus stops. You want the 53M. They’re very frequent. You won't have to wait long.

Donna: Cool.

Ms Wong: The bus will say Tin Ma Court on the front. That's as far as it goes, so get off at Tin Ma Court. Cross the road, walk down the hill and you will  see Yang Kwong Court on your right.

Donna: Thanks very much. I'll look it all up on your website. Are there some  photos of the flat?

Ms Wong: Not yet - as I said, it's only just come on the market, so we haven't actually put it online. You'll be the first person to view it.

Donna: Wow, great. I'll see you tomorrow morning!


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