Script: Guess who I saw today?

Script: Guess who I saw today?

Read two conversations about bumping into someone they haven't seen for a while.

Conversation One

Ruby: Guess who I saw today?

George: I haven't a clue. Who?

Ruby: Patty Lee. She wants to be remembered to you. It's about three years since I last saw her.

George: And she asked to be remembered to me? You're joking! After all that trouble about me being given the promotion over her, she couldn't stand me. She never spoke to me again after I was made manager, and she made life very difficult. Thank goodness we didn't work in the same office. She used to cut me dead if we met in the lift. You must remember all that. There was very bad blood between the two of us. I was glad when she left.

Ruby: She must have forgotten all that. She asked how you were and how you were getting on.

George: She was probably hoping you'd say I'd dropped dead. Don't try and tell me that Patty Lee has one kind thought in her head about me.

Ruby: She suggested that the three of us meet up for dinner one night. She remembered that you and me are close friends.

George: Dinner? Please! I can't imagine anything worse she’d probably poison my food. I hope you told her to forget it.

Ruby: I said I'd mention it to you. She's doing very well in that job she moved to when she left us - she's now a director of the company. I honestly think she's put all the unpleasantness behind her. She really seemed interested in how you were doing.

George: Forget it. Was she carrying a dagger in her handbag with my name on it? I would rather have dinner with a snake. Same thing really.

Conversation two

Mark: Guess who I saw today?

Sally: I don't know. Someone I know?

Mark: Someone you used to know very well. Marcus, your old boyfriend.

Sally: Really? We lost touch when he moved to Shanghai. It's about two years since I last spoke to him. We parted on good terms, but both agreed we weren't right for each other. Our personalities were too much alike. When we stopped seeing each other we agreed to remain friends, but time moves on and we lost touch. Did he ask about me?

Mark: Er .... Er ..... no. He didn't mention you at all.

Sally: Did you only chat for a few minutes?

Mark: Actually we talked for a long time. He seemed pleased to see me. Remember we used to play for the same football club. He wanted to know how all the lads at the club were doing.

Sally: Did you mention me? Did you tell him we still worked together?

Mark: No, no, I didn't. And he didn't ask me. He went on and on about his new job and his social life and how great things have turned out for him in Shanghai. He's in town for his sister's graduation. He did give me his phone number though and told me to call him and arrange dinner sometime before he went back.

Sally: And will you?

Mark: Probably.

Sally: And can I…

Mark: I know what you're going to ask. And the answer is no. I don't think it would be a good idea.

If he wants to get in touch with you while he's in town, he will. I was surprised he didn't ask about you, but he didn't. And I didn't think it was a good idea to mention you if he didn’t. Anyway, you've got Bobby now. Why are you bothered?


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