Script: Gran locks herself out

Script: Gran locks herself out

Paul is just leaving school when his phone rings. It’s his mum. Listen to their conversation. Why is mum calling him and what does she want him to do?

Paul: Hi, Mum.

Mum: Ah, good I’ve caught you. Where are you?

Paul: I’ve just walked out of the school gates. I’m on my way to basketball. I told you this morning.

Mum: Yes, I know. But I need you to do me a little favour, please.

Paul: Go on. What’s the matter?

Mum: Well, it’s not me. It’s Grandma. She’s locked herself out of the flat again. Half an hour ago, she realised what she did and called me.

Paul: What do you want ME to do about it?

Mum: Well, we have a spare key for her flat at home. I can’t leave work for another hour, I was wondering if you could go home now, get the key and take it to her. She’s in a coffee shop somewhere near her flat.

Paul: Oh, Mum! I can’t! I promised Brian and Stewart I’d play basketball with them  after school. I haven’t seen them for almost a month.  I don’t want to let them down.  Don’t ask me to miss basketball, Mum, please!

Mum: I don’t know what else to do! Gran is really upset. She was on the edge of tears when she rang me.

Paul: Can’t she just go home and speak to the guy at the desk downstairs. I’m sure they have keys, or something, for emergencies. It’ll take me  ages to get home and then another half hour to get to her place.

Mum: Paul, I don't often ask you to do anything, but this is a bit of an emergency.  Surely helping Gran is more important than a game of basketball.

Paul: Mum! That is really unfair. I've made a promise to my friends, and I don't want to break that promise. You always tell me to keep my promises. You're being unreasonable trying to make me feel guilty like that.

Mum: I don't want to argue with you Paul, and certainly not on the phone. Get in a taxi now and you will be home in ten minutes.

Paul: I don't have enough cash to pay the fare. Mum, you’re not listening to me. I know Gran's got a problem, but just tell her to go home and speak to the caretaker. He’ll help her.

Mum: Paul! We’re wasting time. Your dad won't be very pleased when I tell him you've refused to help!

Paul: Mum! That's blackmail. That's grossly unfair.

Mum: Look, I would go and get Gran's key myself if I could get away from work. I've got a mountain of paperwork to get through before I can leave. We've got two people off with flu today and some of their stuff has ended up on my desk. You are the only .......oh, hang on a minute ....... I've got another call coming through. Don't hang up, Paul. We've got to sort something out ....

Paul: [Sigh] Ok.

Mum (after pause):    I don't believe it! That was Gran! She's not locked out after all. She's just found her keys at the bottom of her bag. Panic over! Hello?


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