AUDIO: Tom And Jenny’s Podcast On Father’s Day [June 11, 2019]

AUDIO: Tom And Jenny’s Podcast On Father’s Day [June 11, 2019]

Quality time is a priceless gift you can ever give to someone

Jenny: Good morning. I’m Jenny.

Tom: And I’m Tom. And welcome to ‘Tom and Jenny’s Podcast’

Jenny: Today we are presenting a special podcast because ‘Father’s Day’ is just around the corner. What are you doing for your pater on ‘Father’s Day’?

Tom: Dad! Pater? How many more words can you come up with for ‘Father’?

Jenny: I’m glad you asked that. What about ‘papa’, ‘daddy’, ‘pa’, ‘pops’ …….

Tom: Stop! Stop! That’s enough! Can we stick with ‘father’, please.

Jenny: Okay. Tom and I agree on one thing about ‘Father’s Day’. We don’t like the commercialisation that goes with it. Shops push us to buy this or that expensive gift for our father on his special day every year. It’s not necessary. So, in this podcast we are going to suggest some things that you can do for your pop that won’t cost you all your savings.

Tom: Pop? Pop? There you go again!

Jenny: Well, I call my dad ‘pop’, and he quite likes it.

Tom: Can we stick with ‘father’ and ‘dad’ then, please?

Jenny: Okay. Guess what my brother bought for our dad last year for Father’s day?

Tom: I’m sure you’re going to tell us.

Jenny: He gave Dad a pair of socks! Dad didn’t say anything but I knew he thought it wasn’t a very nice gift.

Tom: My sister spent a lot of money on it and bought my dad a designer leather case for his phone. Do you know what he did? He gave my sister a big hug and thanked her but he was upset that she had spent so much money. He explained how he felt and told her that she should not have spent all her money on a gift like that. So the two of them agreed to take the case back to the shop and get my sister’s money back. Then she took him out for a pizza. Just the two of them. Mum and I stayed at home. Dad was really happy.

Jenny: Your dad is very sensible.

Tom: Sometimes! So back to why we are here today. Now we are going to suggest some great ideas for Father’s Day to show how much you appreciate your dad.

Jenny: First of all, don’t buy him a Father’s Day card from a shop. Write him a short letter telling him how much you appreciate him. Write this in your own handwriting. Don’t do it on your computer. Perhaps put a photo of you as a kid in the envelope if you have one. Write about something funny that happened between you and your dad when you were a kid. Your dad will appreciate that much more than a card.

Tom: All dads like food, but instead of taking him out to an expensive restaurant, make him a special meal at home. You will have to spend a bit of money on this one, but it will be worth it. And don’t just order a take-away! Go to the shops and get a meal together. This will be much cheaper than heading to a fancy restaurant. And it’s a lot more thoughtful.

Jenny: When was the last time you went to the cinema with your dad? Years and years ago? Take him to see a good movie. Just the two of you. And don’t forget the popcorn.

Tom: What about getting outside for Father’s Day? Put your thinking cap on and plan an outdoor activity for your dad. There’s lots to do outdoors that’s free and fun. Take your dad out fishing or plan a hike.

Jenny: If you feel like you must buy your dad a gift, why not make him up a surprise box? Put all the treats you know he likes into a nice box. It’s up to you what to put in there. You are the one who knows him the best. Just make sure there are lots of different fun things in the box.

Tom: I hope we have inspired you to do something imaginative and special for your dad on his day of the year.

Jenny: Happy Father’s Day and goodbye from both of us.

Tom: Bye!


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AUDIO: Tom And Jenny’s Podcast On Father’s Day [June 11, 2019]


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