SCRIPT: A Day at the Beach [March 19, 2019]

SCRIPT: A Day at the Beach [March 19, 2019]

Get prepared for a day of relaxation

Emma: Morning. Sorry I overslept! Oh, Peter’s not here yet.  It’s unlike him to be late. 

Jack: He just called a few minutes ago and said he won’t be joining us. He’s got an upset stomach and has been sick since last night. He said he’s probably going to spend the rest of the day in bed.

Emma: Oh no, that’s a shame. I’ll give Peter a call tomorrow  morning to check on him. I hope he feels better soon! 

Jack: Right. Off we go to the beach!  Let’s see… according to “Moovit”, we need to alight at Shau Kei Wan MTR station and take the number 9 bus to get to the beach. We had better make a move now as the beach is usually crowded during weekends. This weather is really good today, I hope we can get there early enough to find a nice, shady spot!  

Emma: Good idea! Before we take the train, is there a Watson’s anywhere near the beach?  I need to get some sunblock lotion.

Jack: You can use mine.  I bought a new bottle yesterday.

Emma: Thanks, but I need a special brand that I can only get at Watson’s. If I use ordinary lotion, my skin will start to itch and break out in red spots. The dermatologist did some tests and it turns out I’m allergic to a particular  ingredient that’s usually found in ordinary lotions.

Jack: There isn’t any near here, but there’s a Watson’s next to Wan Chai MTR station. We can get off there for your lotion.

Emma: Thanks! I’ll just nip out of the station to Watson’s. It shouldn’t take me more than five minutes.

Jack: Actually, you know what? Today’s supposed to be a day for relaxation, so just take your time. I didn’t have time for breakfast before I left home this morning.  Shall we grab a bite when we get off at Wan Chai?

Emma: Sounds good! I was in a rush this morning as well and didn’t have time for any breakfast. I know a good place where we can have a nice leisurely breakfast.

Emma: Oh!  I think I’ve forgotten to bring my beach towel. Can we get one at the flea market near the station? There is a stall that sells cheap and good quality towels.

Jack: Okay…but will that take long? It’s best to get to the beach before noontime. If not, it might be really packed!   

Emma: Don’t worry! We’ll get there before then!

Jack: Alright!  Let’s go!

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
SCRIPT: A Day at the Beach [March 19, 2019]


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