SCRIPT: An Unlucky Month [March 12, 2019]

SCRIPT: An Unlucky Month [March 12, 2019]

This, too, shall pass

Emily:  I’m really pleased we are in the middle of the month.

Bruce:  And I’ll be sad to see it over.  I’ve had a really great month so far, and I hope the rest of March will be just as good.

Emily:  Lucky you! March was a beast of a month for me, and I simply can’t wait for April!   

Bruce:  I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

Emily:  No, you first.  I need some happy news to cheer me up. 

Bruce:  Well three amazing things have happened this month.

Emily:  Oh wow! You know what they say about good things come in threes.

Bruce:  It sure looks like it! We got the results for our mock DSE exams on 1 March and I was really pleased to get all As and Bs! Then I found out last week my favourite cousin will be coming to stay with us over Easter break. And yesterday … Oh, Emily! Are you okay?

Emily:  I just feel so horrible! It all began two Saturdays ago during our weekly family dinner.  It finished later than usual and I went home first as I was feeling a bit tired.  

Bruce:  And?

Emily:  And as soon as I opened the front door, I knew something was wrong.  There was water all over the floor, and the whole flat was flooded. I switched on the lights – which I should not have done – and there was a sudden flash before the lights went out. 

Bruce:  Crikey! What did you do? 

Emily:  I rang Dad to tell him to come home and then called the security guard who immediately came to our flat. The whole place was a mess! Water was gushing down from the ceiling and into the kitchen and bedrooms. The  guard went upstairs to the flat above ours and it turned out our neighbours were on holiday.  Luckily, he was unable to get into their flat with the master key and turned off the bathroom tap. 

Bruce:  What a nightmare it must have been!

Emily:  You bet! The guard said there are regulations about turning off the main tap before going away for an extended period of time, and our neighbours might be fined.

Bruce:  Well, I hope they’ll learn from this incident. And what happened after that?

Emily:  We cleaned up what we could and spent the night at my uncle’s place instead. Our beds were totally soaked.

Bruce:  Geez!

Emily: That’s not all. Well … to cut a long story short, the flat’s electricity had to be rewired as everything was damaged.

Bruce:  I hope things will be sorted out soon!

Emily:  Thank you.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
SCRIPT: An Unlucky Month [March 12, 2019]


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