SCRIPT: The Snowball [January 22, 2019]

SCRIPT: The Snowball [January 22, 2019]

What is your costume for the upcoming snowball?

Jason: I’m really excited about our first school snowball next week.  Have you decided on your costume?

Paula: Yes.  But it’s a secret.  I’m not telling anyone because they might steal my idea.

Jason: Oh, come on!  I won’t breathe a word to anyone.  I’ll tell you what I’m going as if you tell me.  I’ve never been to a costume ball before. I’m really excited.

Paula: Me too. My sister went two years ago when she was in Form Five, and she loved it. She went as Professor Sprout, the Head of Hufflepuff house in Harry Potter. Last year, she went as Professor McGonagall and won a prize for her costume and make-up. 

Jason: Are you going as a character from Harry Potter?

Paula: Nah! Unlike my sister, I’m not a fan of the series.

Jason: Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going as. I’m dressing up as one of Santa’s elves.

Paula: You as an elf? You’re too tall to be an elf.

Jason: Really? Here’s a photo of me dressed as an elf. What do you think?

Paula: Oh … wow … you really look good. Where did you get your stuff from?

Jason: My mum made me the hat and the shorts. I bought the red long stockings and painted a pair of old trainers red. It was easy finding a green shirt and a red sweater. Mum sewed some green patterns onto the sweater and I made a green collar to go round my neck with some felt that I bought from a handicrafts shop. 

Paula: I’m impressed with the details of your costume. It looks store-bought.

Jason: I even bought some red and green face paint. Now, come on.  You’ve got to tell me what you’re going as.

Paula: Okay … only if you promise not to tell anyone.

Jason: I promise.

Paula: Alright. Did you see the movie IT ?

Jason: That scary one about the clown who lives in the sewers?

Paula: Yup! That’s the one. I think it’s the best movie ever. The clown is called “Pennywise” and he looks brilliantly creepy.  Just look at this picture on my phone.

Jason: No thanks. I still remember that scary face and just thinking about it gives me the creeps. Oh! Is that what you are …

Paula: Yes,  You’ve guessed it!  I’m going to the snowball as Pennywise the clown.

Jason: If you look anything like that picture, you will scare everyone to death and the school hall will empty!

Paula: Don’t worry. I won’t be the only one dressed up as a horror film character there. Brian is going as Frankenstein’s monster and Jenny is going as Dracula.  Oops! I shouldn’t have told you that.

Jason: Don’t worry.  I’m not going to tell anyone.  By the way, where did you get your costume from?

Paula: I found an online company that hires out fancy dress costumes. I’ve rented the Pennywise costume for a week and made the mask myself.

Jason: That must have been a lot of work. How did you do it?

Paula: I’ve been planning this for months. I bought a plastic mask from the market in Mong Kok back in October. Then I stuck the bits of hair on and painted it to look just like the clown. Here’s a picture of the finished mask. What do you think?

Jason: Wow! That’s amazing. The teeth look very realistic. I’m really impressed. 

Paula: Thanks! I took ages to get the teeth right. Do they look menacing enough?

Jason: They most certainly do. You’d be the last person I’d want to dance with at the ball.  

Paula: Ha ha! Do you think we’ll win a prize for our costumes?  I think we stand a very good chance. Well … good luck with your elf costume, Jason.

Jason: Thanks! And good luck with your scary clown, Paula. 

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SCRIPT: The Snowball [January 22, 2019]


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