SCRIPT: The Anniversary Gift [January 15, 2018]

SCRIPT: The Anniversary Gift [January 15, 2018]

How to get the best anniversary present for your significant other?

Voice 1:  Meg and Harry have been going out for four years. They met in Form 4 when Meg returned to Hong Kong from Australia. She was born in Hong Kong but had lived in Sydney since she was five as her father was transferred there for work. Her family decided to move back a decade later.

Voice 2:  Meg’s new secondary school in Hong Kong has a programme whereby every new pupil is paired up with a “buddy” for the first week at  school to help them settle in. “Buddies” had to show new pupils around the school.

Voice 1: It can be difficult for a pupil new to any school to get used to the environment, and Meg was glad to have an instant friend – Donna. Donna was very friendly and sociable, and the two of them got on well right from the beginning.

Voice 2:  Meg’s first week at her new secondary school went smoothly and she fitted in very quickly. Donna was a brilliant “buddy” and the two girls became best friends. And, of course, one of the people Donna introduced Meg to during the first week at school was her twin brother, Harry.

Voice 1:  Fast forward four years later, Meg and Harry are inseparable. They are a perfect match and have never had an argument.  

Voice 2:  There is one thing about Harry that frustrates Meg though. It isn’t something very important, but it still annoys her.

Voice 1:  Harry simply has zero imagination when it comes to buying presents for others and usually ends up giving gifts that no one wants. Meg has never spoken to Harry about this little flaw in his character because she knows it would upset him. But this year, she decides to do something about it.

Voice 2:  For Meg’s birthday last year, Harry bought her a pair of fluffy Pink Panther slippers that a five-year-old might have loved. Last Christmas he got her a six-month subscription to a gym, which is very useful, but not exactly a fun and exciting Christmas present for a girlfriend.

Voice 1: This year, Meg decided to drop Harry a big hint about what she would like for her anniversary present and told him, “You know, I dreamt you gave me a cool silver necklace for Christmas. And Donna had helped you chose it. Isn’t it silly to have a dream like that? What do you think it means?”

Voice 2:  Harry said nothing and gave Meg a beaming smile. On their fourth anniversary, Harry and Meg exchanged gifts. Meg was very excited, but couldn't understand why her present was in a big rectangle box rather than a small square one.

Voice 1:  She was delighted nonetheless and unwrapped her present quickly. 

Voice 2: There in her hand rested a large book and its cover read “The Meaning of Dreams”. Harry had certainly taken the hint that Meg had given him about the anniversary present!

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SCRIPT: The Anniversary Gift [January 15, 2018]


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