SCRIPT: Away for Two Weeks [December 4, 2018]

SCRIPT: Away for Two Weeks [December 4, 2018]

There's so much to take care of when I'm away...

Ben: How long are you going to be away?

Polly: Just a fortnight.  Well, fifteen days actually.

Ben: I thought you were only going for a week.

Polly: That was my original plan.  

Ben: The London Book Fair doesn’t go on for a fortnight, does it?  The one held here in Hong Kong is only for a few days.

Polly: No, no.  The actual fair is only on for four days. From Tuesday to Friday. But I’ve taken another week of annual leave so I can stay in London for a bit longer.  I don’t want to miss the chance to explore the city. 

Ben: Well, as I said I’ll drop by your apartment once or twice to check that everything is ok whilst you’re gone.

Polly: That’s brilliant.  I know you don’t work on Thursday mornings, so could you come by on the second Thursday, the eleventh,  at ten o’clock?

Ben: Yes.  No problem.

Polly: I’ve asked a workman to come and replace the window in the kitchen.  I made the appointment before I knew I was going away.  I want the work done as soon as possible so it would be great if you could help see to things.

Ben: Ah, right.

Polly: And could you water my Japanese bonsai while you are here?  Just a few drops of water will do.  It needs watering every three or four days at this time of the year. Could you do that for me, please? I bought it from Flower Market Street at Prince Edward last year.  It is really expensive and I don’t want it to die.

Ben: Sure. I’ll do my best.

Polly: Also, the delivery men might deliver a  new television whilst I’m away.  I’ve given them your phone number and told them to check with you before coming over.  It will be sometime in the evening.  Could you please let them in if you are free?

Ben: Well …

Polly: It will be great coming home to a new television.  The one I have is ten years old.

Ben: Okay.

Polly: And can you collect my post every other day?  I’m expecting a couple of important letters and I don’t want them lying in my post box.  I’ll give you the key for the box. If you can just put my letters inside the drawer of the kitchen table …

Ben: The drawer in the kitchen …?

Polly: I’ve told the guard you will be looking after my place when I am away.  He knows you, so he won’t give you any funny looks or question you.

Ben: Okay.

Polly: Oh, there is one more thing I’d like you to take care of.  Can you check the shower each time you are here?  It’s been leaking quite a bit recently and I haven’t had time to call a plumber.  If it gets really bad, could you call a plumber and make an appointment for any evening the week after I get back? Any day will do. I don’t want to come back to a flood.

Ben: No problem.

Polly: Oh, and there is one last thing. The last thing on my list.  I wonder if you could …

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
SCRIPT: Away for Two Weeks [December 4, 2018]


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