SCRIPT: Job Placement Week [November 27, 2018]

SCRIPT: Job Placement Week [November 27, 2018]

How to get a job placement that you like?

Penny: Hi, Jim. How are you getting on with finding a job? I’ve gotten a place in a shipping office in the office block where my dad works. It was the third place I contacted.  Mr Lee was quite pleased when I told him about it. 

Jim: Well done! You’re sure lucky. I haven’t got anything yet.

Penny: Peter Chan told me yesterday he’s got a placement in the same office block, but with a different company. 

Jim: Yes… but it’s with a company where his uncle is a director, and that isn’t a very difficult thing to do. Peter Chan always gets everything handed to him on a plate.

Penny: Oh… he didn’t tell me that.

Jim: He wouldn’t, would he? He’d want you to think he was working hard to find a placement, like the rest of us.

Penny: You could be right. Anyway, how are you getting along?

Jim: Don’t ask! I’m just going round and round in circles and getting nowhere.

Penny: How many places have you contacted? 

Jim: Twelve so far and I’m getting nowhere at all! I’ve written letters and emails, and sent my CV to different places, but there’s nothing as yet.

Penny: What sort of places are you interested to work in?

Jim: Anything really. However, I would like to work in retail rather than in an office. I think it would be good to work in a busy shop. I’d get to meet lots of people. Sitting in front of a computer in an office might be a bit boring.

Penny: I just got a message from Louise. She said she’s got a placement in a coffee house. It’s an independent shop, not one in a big chain. 

Jim: I’d like to work there too  but I’d probably end up drinking too many cups of coffee!

Penny: Well… have you asked Mr Lee for help?

Jim: Not yet. I have another eight addresses on my list – everything from a clothes shop to a convenience store to a top bank. I’ll try those places first. 

Penny: I can see you working in a posh shop. What about that new Japanese department shop that opened in Westgate Mall recently? I went there with my sister the other day and it’s brilliant. I couldn’t drag her away from the stationery section. I can’t remember the name of the shop though.

Jim: I know which one you’re talking about. My family and I visited the flagship store when we were in Tokyo. I think I could have moved to Tokyo and stayed there for good. I loved it.

Penny: Hmmm… do you know what I’d do if I were you?

Jim: No. Tell me!

Penny: I’d go to the shop with my CV and ask to see the manager. Then I’d explain why I am there and ask if they can do anything to help me. I’d also mention I have visited the flagship store in Tokyo, and that I am a fan of the shop and what they sell.

Jim: That sounds fantastic! I bought a top and some pants from the flagship store in Tokyo. Maybe I’ll have a higher chance of getting a job if I wear them.

Penny: Good idea! It’s worth giving it a try.

Jim: It certainly is. I’ll update my CV before handing it to the manager. Thank you. I was feeling a bit down about ever finding a job placement that I like. This is a great idea. Fingers crossed that I get a job at the department shop.

Penny: Good luck. I can come with you if you like. I’ll look around the shop whilst you’re talking to the manager. 

Jim: Sure! Thanks, Penny!

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SCRIPT: Job Placement Week [November 27, 2018]


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