SCRIPT: You're a dark horse [May 2, 2018]

SCRIPT: You're a dark horse [May 2, 2018]

This is a useful term for someone who hides facts about themselves from other people. Often the secrets are about their abilities or skills, and when other people find out, they are totally surprised

Conversation 1

Richard: Hey, Penny! Have you had a good week? How did your exam go last Tuesday?

Penny: Fine thanks, Richard. I’d did a lot of revision for it. The paper was difficult and some of my friends complained, but I thought it was fair. The second paper is next Monday morning, so this weekend I’m staying home to revise. I usually go to my judo class on Sunday morning, but I’m going to give that a miss this weekend.

Richard: Donna will be calling you sometime today to see if you want to go to the cinema on Saturday night.

Penny: I thought Donna was going to stay in all weekend to revise like me. She told me she thought she hadn’t done very well on Paper One and wanted to do better on Paper Two.      

Richard: Well, it was Donna who suggested going to watch a film this weekend. Carrie and Paul have already said they’ll come along. I haven’t seen either of them for ages.

Penny: Nor have I. But I’ve decided, I really need to stay in and revise. But hang on, you’ve got exams next week, too.

Richard: Maths on Tuesday and history on Wednesday. But it’s cool. I’m not going to get stressed.

Penny: You always do well in exams. You say you don’t do much revision but you always do brilliantly. You’re a dark horse! I think you secretly revise and don’t tell us. You haven’t done badly in any test since we started secondary school. How do you do it?

Richard: We don’t have as many exams at my school as you seem to do at yours. You seem to be doing them all the time.

Penny: I don’t mind. It’s good preparation for the HKDSE. And I want to do well in those exams when they come so I get into my first-choice university.

Richard: Me too.  

Penny: You are such a dark horse! You must revise more than you tell us. Whereas Im quite happy to tell everyone how much Im studying!

Conversation 2

Johnny: Hi Maggie, what are you doing this coming Sunday lunchtime? Are you free  to join a small lunch I’m organising?

Maggie: Yes, I think so. That would be nice, thanks, Johnny. I need something to look forward to.

Johnny: Why? Is everything okay? Jenny said exactly the same thing when I called her. She’s just failed her driving test for the third time and isn’t feeling very happy. Ooohhhh … perhaps I shouldn’t have told you    that. Don’t say anything when you see her on Sunday.

Maggie: I won’t. I’ve had a dreadful cold for the last three weeks and am only just getting rid of it. I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself and need a pick-me-up. Lunch on Sunday will just do the trick. Is it a special occasion, or something? I haven’t missed someone’s birthday, have I?

Johnny: No, nothing like that! I just want to get my friends together because I’ve got something to announce.

Maggie: Oh, what? That sounds important. Have you got a fantastic new job or something? Come on, spill the beans.

Johnny: Sorry! You’ll have to wait till Sunday to find out.

Maggie: Come on! You can tell me! I won’t breathe a word to anyone else.

Johnny: No way! You’ll to wait like everyone else.

Maggie: You’re a dark horse! You enjoy keeping everything a secret until the last minute and then surprising us all. You didn’t tell us you were moving into a new flat until the day before you moved.

Johnny: Exactly! I’ll call you towards the end of the week and give you all the arrangements. And I hope your cold has completely cleared up by then. I don’t want you breathing germs over the rest of us!


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