The sandwich guru

The sandwich guru

Today we’re speaking to Kathy Lee, a sandwich guru. She knows everything worth knowing about the popular lunch options. She knows the perfect bread needed to make the perfect sandwich and she is always on the look-out for new and interesting fillings. Kathy is in charge of sandwiches for a well known chain of coffee shops.

Voice: Hi Kathy! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Kathy: Thank you for having me!

Voice: So, what’s hot in the world of sandwiches at the moment?  And what are the most interesting sandwiches you’ve got planned this month?

Kathy: I’m really excited about our best selling sandwich. It has only been available in our shops a few months. But it sold out the first day we introduced it.  It’s a classic that gets its inspiration from     Japan.  

Voice: Oh, what is it?

Kathy: The katsu sandwich!  And what could be simpler?  It’s a breaded, deep-fried slice of pork between two slices of white bread.  We offer it with or without mayonnaise.   Our katsu sandwich gives you a great crunchy bite - and this is because of our secret quick frying process and special coating.  It really is something very special.

Eggs will never go out of fashion when it comes to fillings.  Our number two sandwiches is the classic mashed hard-boiled egg and mayonnaise mix to which we’ve added finely chopped prawns.  A light yet satisfying combination of taste and texture.  

Our signature lettuce sandwich is a tasty treat because of the special lettuce we use.  Lettuce in a sandwich usually loses its crispness quicky, but ours doesn’t.  A layer of Swiss cheese, a slice of Spanish ham and then the all-important layer of crispy lettuce with no mayo, are the ingredients of this healthy and tasty option.  It’s delicious, and obviously adds to your daily serving of greens.  

Now, this one might surprise you.  We tried it last spring as an experiment.  It wasn’t an instant hit, but once customers actually tried it, they loved it.  I’m talking about our fruit and cream sandwich. The fruit we use varies according to season.

We don’t use frozen fruit - ever. Our top fruits are strawberries, pear and mango. The sliced fruit is layered with stiff cream between two slices of wholemeal bread.  We don’t add any sugar to the cream. It’s delicious.

We went to New York for inspiration for our fifth best-selling sandwich, the classic beef pastrami on rye bread.  Thin slices of pastrami, pickles, a tangy mustard mayonnaise and our own-baked rye bread. This is an all-year-round favourite in our shops and has been on our menu since we first started selling sandwiches.

Voice:    Thanks very much, Kathy.  You’ve made my mouth water! Now I’ve got something you might find interesting. Do you know when the first sandwich was made?

Kathy: Ooh, no! I’ve never really thought about it.

Voice: The ‘sandwich’ was invented in the 1700s by an English nobleman called, Lord Sandwich.  It is said that one day he asked a servant to bring him some roast meat tucked between two slices of bread because he was in the middle of playing an important game of cards and didn’t want to stop playing just because he had to eat from a plate with a knife and fork.    

And so the sandwich was born!




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