Jack reaches for the moon

Jack reaches for the moon

‘To reach for the moon’ means to set your goals or ambitions very high.

Cindy: How are things going with the job, Little Brother? I can’t believe you’ve been there eight weeks already! Have you settled down okay?

Jack: Please don’t call me that! Someone might hear you.

Cindy: Call you what? ‘Little Brother’? But you are! You’re my little brother, and you always will be. What’s the problem?

Jack: I’m no longer a kid. It sounds as if you’re treating me like a kid when you call me that. So please! Stop!

Cindy: Wow! You’re very prickly this morning! As you wish. The last thing I want to do is upset you.

Jack: Cool. Anyway, the job. It’s brilliant. I’m enjoying every second.

Cindy: How long do you think you’ll stay there?

Jack: Stay there?

Cindy: I stayed in my first job for two years and then moved to another company for promotion. That’s what a lot of young people do.  They learn the ropes and then move on.

Jack: Oh, I’m not going to do that. i have big plans for myself in this company.

Cindy: And what might they be?

Jack: Simple. I want to be managing director in five years’ time.

Cindy: What? You’re reaching for the moon there, I think! What makes you think you can achieve that?

Jack: Well, Mum and Dad always taught us both to reach for the moon when we were growing up. They taught us we could do anything we wanted, and always to aim high. And you’ve done very well for yourself.

Cindy: Thank you! But I didn't set my sights on becoming managing director of the first company I worked for. That’s a bit over- ambitious, I feel.

Jack: Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. I’ve learned a lot in the two months I’ve been there. Our managing director, Mr Lee, is fine, but he has no ambition for the company. He is not forward-thinking at all. All he wants to do is keep the company ticking over, but I’ve already seen where if it could expand and become a major player.

Cindy: Do your bosses agree with you?

Jack: Oh, I’m keeping a low profile until the time is right. Mr Lee is in his late fifties now, and I’m sure he’ll retire in about five years. I will make sure then that I’m in the right position to make a big move.

Cindy: You sound very confident!

Jack: And why not? You might think I’m dreaming but you won’t be laughing when I achieve what I’ve set out to do.

Cindy: I’m not criticising you for being ambitious. But it’s best to make sure your ambitions are realistic.

Jack: If we continue this conversation we’re going to end up going round in circles. Let’s talk about something else. You obviously think I’m reaching for the moon, and am over ambitious about my future.

Cindy: Oh, I’m not saying that, Kiddo. I just want you to be realistic.

Jack: There you go again! ‘Kiddo’ is worse than ‘Little Brother’! I’ve been meaning to ask you …. what are we doing for dad’s birthday next month? 


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