I've lost...

I've lost...

We all lose things from time to time. Sometimes we find what we’ve lost and give a huge sigh of relief. Really, we’ve just misplaced it. But at other times, what we have lost is well and truly lost, and it’s goodbye.

Conversation one

Mum: Tom, get your skates on. You’re going to be late for school.

Tom: I can’t find my glasses. Where have I put them?

Mum: Don't ask me! Have you used them this morning? Have you searched your bedroom? Don't you usually just put them on the cabinet next to your bed?

Tom: Yes! That’s where I put them last night. But they aren’t there now!

Mum: Well, I don’t think anyone sneaked into your bedroom during the night and stole them. Have you pulled back your duvet? Have they dropped on the floor? Have you looked under your bed?

Tom: I’m on my hands and knees now looking. No. They’re not under the bed.

Mum: Have you left them in the bathroom?

Tom: No. I’ve already looked. Where are they? I can’t go to school without my specs. I won’t be able to see a thing!

Mum: Calm down. They can’t have gone far.

Tom: I watched TV in bed last night for about ten minutes before I fell asleep. I definitely had them on then. Oh, panic over! They’re on the table by the TV. What are they doing there? I never leave my glasses there.

Mum: A spook must have moved them during the night. Now, get a move on. You’ve got five minutes to get your things together and get downstairs for the bus. Chop! Chop!

Conversation two

Kate: Oh, no! Where’s my phone?

Betty: What do you want your phone for? If Ms Cheung sees you answering a text or something she’ll come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

Kate: I know that. I was just checking in my bag to see that it’s there. And it isn’t!

Betty: That bag is as big as China and you keep so much rubbish in it. I dodn’tknow how you find things. It’ll be under all your stuff. Have a good look.

Kate: It isn't! I always chuck it in the front pocket. I never put it in the bag. Oh, no! Where is it?

Betty: Don’t panic. You might have just left it at home. Perhaps you didn’t pick it up when you left.

Kate: I did! I did! I called my mum when I came out of the station to tell her I couldn't go round for dinner tonight. I definitely had my phone when I was walking to work.

Betty: And you think you put it in your bag?

Kate: I always slip it into the front pocket and do up the zip if I use it outside the flat. But it isn't there!

Betty: Where were you exactly when you called your mum?

Kate: I called her as soon as I came out of the MTR station. I stopped on the steps to make the call. It was raining and I put my umbrella up as soon as I’d finished talking to her. I definitely put my phone back in the pocket….. here.

Betty: You didn’t take it out again when you were in the street walking here?

Kate: No. It’s raining and I definitely didn’t get my phone out again.

Betty: Then perhaps when you took out your umbrella, you didn’t make sure the phone went into your bag. Perhaps it dropped onto the floor.

Kate: Oh no!

Betty: People are good if you find lost property in the MTR. We’ll go back to the station at lunch time and see if anyone found it and handed it in.

Kate: Will you come with me?

Betty: Of course. Someone will have picked it up. Keep your fingers crossed. We’ll go and ask at lunch time. It’s no use panicking now until you know whether it’s been handed in. Right, come on! We must get these emails done. I’ll go get you a coffee in a minute. That’ll help calm you down. 


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