Were your ears burning?

Were your ears burning?

If someone asks you if your ears were burning, they aren't asking you if your ears were on fire. They don't want to know if flames were coming out of your ears. They are telling you that they have been talking about you in your absence. Were your ears burning last night? We were talking about you.

Conversation one

Sarah: Were your ears burning last night?

Mark: No. Why? Should they have been?

Sarah: I went out with Peggy and Kate for dinner last night and both of them wanted to know how you were.

Mark: I didn't know you were still in contact with those two. I thought you'd had a big argument with them when the three of you went on holiday together last summer.

Sarah: Oh, we sorted that out a while ago. We're not as friendly as we once were, but I see them a couple of times a month. They're both good fun, really.

Mark: Wow! You've changed your tune. When you got back from that trip to Bangkok you were never going to speak to them again.

Sarah: It was all a big misunderstanding. Things are fine between us now.

Mark: Whatever! I hope you weren't gossiping about me. What did you tell them?

Sarah: We weren't gossiping. They genuinely wanted to know how you were getting on. Don't you remember, you and Kate were interviewed for the same job last year?

Mark: And neither of us got it! I remember while we were waiting to go into the interview, Kate didn't say a word to me. She didn't even show that she knew me. She just sat there with her nose in the air.

Sarah: She was probably just nervous.

Mark: I know the three of you were best buddies at school, but I never liked either of them. So, why should my ears have been burning last night? What did you tell them about me? Did you pull me to pieces?  I bet you didn't say anything good.

Conversation two

Penny: Were your ears burning last night?

Donna: No. Should they have been? Were you talking about me behind my back?

Penny: Oh, it was nothing to get upset about. You just came up in a discussion, that’s all.

Donna: Did I? Are you going to tell me more?

Penny: Well, me and two of the girls at work have been talking about taking a short trip to Paris. There are some very good deals online at the moment for both hotels and flights.

Donna: Why are you telling me this now? It’s the first time you’ve mentioned anything about a trip to Paris.

Penny: We’ve been talking about it on and off for a few weeks at work. Anyway, Polly - one of the girls in the office - has found this really good deal. But to take advantage of the low price, there have to be four people booking as one group.

Donna: And? What’s that got to do with me?

Penny: Well, that's why I asked you if your ears have been burning. We’ve been wondering if you’d like to come with us. You don't know my two friends at work, but they’re great. All three of us work well together and get on like a house on fire. We were talking yesterday about who I would like to join us on our trip. And I said you. The other two haven't met you, but they know you and I have been friends for a long time.

Donna: That’s true …..

Penny: Are you interested in joining us on our little jaunt to Paris? We haven't decided the dates yet, but the four of us can discuss that if you decide to come with us. What do you think? Are you going to join us. I hope so. We’ll have a blast! Paris watch out! Here we come!



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