My bucket list

My bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? What goals and dreams are on it?

Kristy: A bucket list is a list of special things you intend to do before you are a certain age. What would be on your bucket list of things to do before you’re twenty years old, for example? That might seem a long way away, but time passes quickly. Would you like to visit New York or go on an animal safari in Africa?

I think having a bucket list is a brilliant idea. I have two things on mine, and I intend to do both before I’m twenty-five. I might make another bucket list when I’ve done these two things. Who knows?

My friends think I’m a bit crazy when I tell them what’s on my list. It’s no good putting little things on your bucket list otherwise it won’t be special when you achieve it.

My grandad gave me the idea of writing a bucket list. He started his when he first started working, and crossed things off when he’d done them. He wanted to walk on the Great Wall of China and to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

He did both - but the thing that stayed on his bucket list was learning to play a musical instrument. He retired from his job when he was sixty, and straightaway he bought a clarinet and booked himself lessons. He now has a lesson every two weeks, and he’s getting to be quite good.

The top thing on my bucket list is to do a course at the Cordon Bleu cookery school in Paris. I love cooking and baking, and studying there would be brilliant. It’s the most famous cooking school in the world, and you have to book a long time in advance to get a place.

The school was founded in Paris in 1895, and there are branches in other countries,but I want to go to the original  to do a two-week course one summer. When you’ve completed your course, you get a certificate. Can you imagine how proud I will be when I have this hanging on my wall?

The second thing on my bucket list is a great contrast to the first.

Since I was quite young, I’ve been a massive football fan. I caught this from my elder brother. But I didn’t want to support the same team as him. He follows Liverpool, and one day goes to their home ground. Which is called Anfield.

I support the best team in the world - Manchester United. Second on my bucket list is to go to Manchester and watch a game. I’m a member of the International Manchester United Fan Club, and they help members get tickets for a match if they go to England and Man U is playing. I also want to go to their stadium at Trafford Park, do a tour and walk on the pitch. There is also a museum.

At the moment the Manchester visit is number two on my bucket list, but the two items keep changing places. Watch this space! It’s just a matter of time ….. and money!



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