The cat that got the cream

The cat that got the cream

What’s happened to Jenny to make her feel the way she does?

Anita: You’re going to have to tell me some time, you know.

Jenny: Tell you what?

Anita: Why you've been looking so pleased with yourself these past few days. I know you! Something has happened. You've been looking like the cat that got the cream all week. Come on! Spill the beans! What's happened? I know you're bursting to tell me.

Jenny: I don't know what you're going on about. Am I not allowed to look happy these days? Are you going to send the 'happy police' out to arrest me for being in a good mood?

Anita: Oh, come on! You'll tell me eventually. You are the world's worst keeper of secrets. Something has happened to put you in this over-the-top happy mood. But if you want to keep your happiness to yourself, fair enough. I won't mention you looking like the cat that got the cream again.

Jenny: Right, okay. I'll tell you. But you have to promise not to breathe a word to anyone else. No one. Absolutely no one.

Anita: Oh, come on. You know you can trust me.

Jenny: Well, you know that dad is a crossword freak. He does at least two newspaper crossword puzzles every day, sitting in the corner with the paper on his knee and a pencil in his hand. He hardly ever watches TV in the evening, he just sits there in his chair doing his puzzles. It annoys mum sometimes, but we are all used to it by now.

Anita: I can't think of anything more boring.

Jenny: Exactly! But he always completes them and if there is a prize attached, he sends it in. He never wins anything, of course. Until last week, that is. The newspaper was offering special prizes to celebrate fifty years since they published their first crossword.

Anita: And?

Jenny: Unbelieveable! Dad won first prize. A long weekend for two in Tokyo. All expenses paid, and some spending money thrown in.

Anita: Really?

Jenny: Yes, really! And now comes the best part. Mum can't get any time off work, and she's not bothered about going anyway. So Dad is taking me.

Anita: What's your brother had to say about that?

Jenny: Now, that's the problem! We haven't told George yet. He knows Dad's won the prize, but not that I'm going instead of Mum.

Anita: Oooooooo .... that's a sticky one!

Jenny: Yes, I know. Dad and George haven't been getting on very well lately, and this could make the situation worse. That's why we're keeping it all under wraps for the moment. So yes, you’re right. I'm the cat that got the cream. Dad will come up with something, but until then, not a word to anyone. 


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