Script: Eight days next week

Script: Eight days next week

We asked four people what they would do if there was an extra day next week. They could do exactly what they want with it. What would you do?

Emma: What a brilliant idea! If only! Hi, I'm Emma. I know exactly what I'd do with my extra day: I would sleep. I wouldn't get out of bed the whole day. Don't think I'm lazy, far from it! Last Sunday I ran a marathon and I'd been training for that every spare moment during the past few weeks. So I think I’d deserve to spend my extra day in the land of Nod and give everyone in my family strict instructions not to disturb me.

Steve: Good morning. I'm Steve. There’s only one thing I’d want to do with my extra day. I’ve been going to painting classes for the past six months. I was good at art when I was at school, but when I left I did nothing about it. That was ten years ago. I didn't pick up a paintbrush since. Then last October, I decided to do something about it, and enrolled in landscape painting classes. I don't want to paint people or objects. I like painting nature. So on my extra day, I would gather up my easel, brushes and paints and go into the countryside to paint. What a lovely thought!

Clare: Hello, I'm Clare. I've been feeling a bit guilty recently about not visiting my grandma in hospital as often as I should. She's had a serious operation and is taking a long time to recover. I am very close to my grandparents, but it's been so hectic at work recently that I haven’t had much spare time. I've even been working on Saturdays and Sundays. So, I would buy a big bunch of red roses, a box of good quality chocolates and I would go spend the whole day with my grandma. I wish I could. If only!

Dennis: Hi, I'm Dennis. Can I choose which day of the week it would be? I’d want a Monday or Friday. It doesn't matter which. Then I would have a long weekend and go to Tokyo for three days. I'd buy a cheap flight on one of the no-frills airlines, and I know hotels in Tokyo can be expensive, but I might be able to get a last-minute bargain. I've been to Tokyo a few times, but never at this time of year. I would go just to see the cherry blossoms. I would go to a park or garden and just sit under a cherry tree and admire the beautiful flowers. I would have to wear a mask though, because I suffer from hay fever! 


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