Script: The long lost relative

Script: The long lost relative

Jessica and Arthur used to work together, and now meet for dinner once a month. This time, Jessica has an amazing story to share.

Jessica: Thanks for meeting me here! I’ve been waiting to try the steak at this restaurant for months, and I have some news. What I'm going to tell you is really strange, and I don't know quite what to think about it. But Mum is over the moon about it all. I haven't seen her as happy and excited about anything for ages. She's taken so long to pick herself up after Dad died two years ago. But this has given her a massive boost. She's like a kid on Christmas Eve. But you know me. I'm just a bit concerned that there's something a bit dodgy about it all. I can't put my finger on it. But I feel there's something that doesn't quite add up.

Arthur: You’re sounding very mysterious. Go on!

Jessica: Well, it all started about five weeks ago when Mum got a letter from a lawyer in London. Someone called Alice Lee had died. More than a year ago! It had taken the lawyer that long to trace mum and get in touch with her.

Arthur: Had she been left some money in the woman’s will?

Jessica: No. It was stranger than that. Mum didn't know who Alice Lee was. The lawyer said she was Mum’s second cousin. But Mum knew nothing about having any relatives who lived in London.

Arthur: The mystery deepens.

Jessica: It does indeed. The lawyer said Mrs Lee had a daughter called Sandra. He also said that Mrs Lee had left a letter with him that had been in his safe for the past thirty years and had to be passed to Mum - and no one else - on Mrs Lee's death. But Mrs Lee had just given her lawyer Mum’s name. No address. No way to contact her.

Arthur: Very odd.

Jessica: Mum had no clue at all who this woman could be. But she remembered that her father - my granddad - had a brother who mysteriously disappeared when he was twenty years old. Mum said that her dad never spoke much about his brother - he was the black sheep of the family. He just vanished off the face of the earth and was never heard of again. Mum wonders if this Mrs Lee has something to do with him.

Arthur: What else has the lawyer said?

Jessica: Absolutely nothing. But Mum got a letter last week from the daughter, Sandra. She wants to come to Hong Kong to meet Mum and personally give her the letter. But we don’t even know who wrote this letter.

Arthur: You’ll soon find out.

Jessica: I don’t know. What does this Sandra want? Is she a relative we didn't know we had? No one flies halfway around the world to deliver a letter to someone they don't know.

Arthur: If I were her, I’d steam the letter open, read it and then seal it up again.

Jessica: So would I! Mum has written back to this woman inviting her to come to Hong Kong. I wasn't very pleased when she told me she’d done that without discussing it with me first.

Arthur: She’s over-excited.

Jessica: Exactly. And she isn't thinking straight. I’m highly suspicious about the whole business. As I said, it seems a bit fishy. It’s all very odd. I don’t want Mum getting upset or hurt again after what she’s been through during the last two years. I think I’m going to write to Sandra myself and ask her few questions before she comes over. I mean, what is she up to?


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