Script: Mending fences

Script: Mending fences

Ruth and Jake are talking on the phone.

Jake:  Oh, I'd really like to see that movie, but I'm afraid I'm busy tomorrow night. I’ve got to go and see my grandma. I've got some fences to mend.

Ruth:  Fences to mend? I didn't know you were good at D.I.Y! I can't see you being with a hammer and a box of nails.

Jake:  Ah, very funny! You know what I mean. I'm very fond of my grandma but I've really upset her so I've got some explaining to do in the hope she comes round to understanding why I did what I did. I'm going to see her tomorrow night. Fingers crossed she even lets me into the flat!

Ruth:  Wow! That sounds very serious. Whatever did you do to upset her?

Jake: Well, to begin with, I now know that I was in the wrong, so when I go see Gran omorrow, I'll begin with a sincere apology.

Ruth: That should help! Come on! Spill the beans. I'm intrigued. Whatever did you do?

Jake: Right. Here's my tale of woe. Three weeks ago last Saturday, it was Gran's birthday. A big one. She was seventy. Mum organised a big dinner for her in her favourite restaurant and invited all the family. Gran has seven grandchildren. I'm the eldest. And, I'm not boasting, but I've always been her favourite. Mum decided it was up to me to give a speech at the dinner saying how special Gran was to all the family.

Ruth: So far so good. What went wrong? Did you make a mess of your speech?

Jake: Oh, much worse than that. A million times worse! I didn't go to the dinner.

Ruth: What? You didn't go? Your Gran's favourite grandchild didn't go to her seventieth birthday celebration?

Jake: No. I didn't go. I was the only family member not there.

Ruth: That's serious. I can understand your gran being upset. Were you suddenly taken ill?

Jake: Nothing as simple as that. You know I've been going out with Donna for more than a year now. Recently we've become very close. Well, that Saturday was Donna's granddad's birthday as well. And he was seventy. I've met him a few times and we get on very well. He's a Chelsea football fan like me. We've always got a lot to talk about.

Ruth: I think I can guess what's coming next.

Jake: Donna's mum and dad had organised a dinner for Grandad and I was invited! Can you believe it? We both have grandparents born on the same day!

Ruth: They could be twins!

Jake: Don't joke! I thought for ages and ages about what to do. I knew Donna would be really upset if I didn't go with her granddad's birthday dinner. So I decided to go, and I went to see Gran and explained the situation to her. She seemed to be okay with it. But later she told Mum how upset she was. I called her on her birthday and I sent her an expensive bouquet of flowers. But when I spoke to her, she started to cry and ended the call.

Ruth: Favourite grandson’s in the dog house. That’s serious.

Jake: Well, I went with Donna to her granddad's dinner, and had a thoroughly miserable time. And she didn't even notice!

Ruth: So now it's time to mend fences with your Gran.

Jake: I will ring her doorbell tomorrow night until she lets me in.

Ruth: She'll have got over her disappointment a bit by now.

Jake: I sincerely hope so. Anyway, I'm going to admit that I was very much in the wrong. And I'm going to suggest that I take her out for dinner, just the two of us tomorrow. I'll book a nice restaurant and hire a limousine to take us both. I intend to make it a very special evening for her.

Ruth: Well, I wish you the very best of luck. I'm sure she'll see your point of view - well, maybe! Let me know how you get on.

Jake: Thanks! Have a good time tomorrow night with the the gang. Could you explain why I can’t join you?

Ruth: Sure. Have a great time!


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