Script: At leeds station

Script: At leeds station

Leeds is a big city in the North of England. Its station is one of the busiest in the UK. It is open twenty-four hours a day with trains leaving for and arriving from destinations all over England, Scotland and Wales. Leeds has a big student population who obviously use the station frequently.

Conversation one

Student 1: Excuse me? Which platform does the train for Oxford leave from?

Station worker: The ten o'clock or the ten forty? You do know neither train is direct? You have to change trains at Birmingham.

Student 1: Thank you! Yes. I've done the trip a couple of times before; my cousin lives there.

Station worker: Which train are you booked on?

Student 1: The ten forty. But they've just announced that the ten o'clock is twenty minutes late, so I think I'll catch that. What time is it now? Ten past ten.  Yes, makes sense to catch the earlier one.

Station worker: May I look at your ticket please?

Student 1: Certainly.

Station worker: I'm sorry but with this ticket you have to travel on the train that's specified. That's the ten forty to Oxford.

Student 1: Ah, okay. Which platform does it leave from?

Station worker: Both trains leave from platform 16B. Make sure you don't get on the earlier train by mistake. If you do you'll have to buy another ticket on the train.

Student 1: I certainly don’t want to do that! Thanks a lot.

Conversation two

Student 2: Hi. Could I have a ticket for the next train to Manchester airport, please?

Station worker: Single or return?

Student 2: Single, please.

Station worker: Do you have a railcard?

Student 2: Yes. Here's my student railcard.

Station worker: That will be twelve pounds. Thank you. One, two, three pounds change and here's your ticket. The next train is at twelve thirty leaving from platform two. But it isn't a direct train to the airport. You have to change at Manchester Victoria and take the airport train from there. There's a ten minute wait.

Student 2: Aren't there direct trains to Manchester airport from Leeds?

Station worker: Yes. The next direct train is at one o clock.

Student 2: I've got plenty of time to catch my plane, so I'll get the one o'clock train. I don't want the bother of changing trains in Manchester.

Station worker: Your ticket is valid for the one o clock train or any after that, too. May I just remind you that your railcard runs out the month after next. You should be thinking about renewing it.

Student 2: Thanks for reminding me!

Conversation three

Station worker: May I see your ticket, please?

Student 3: Here you are. And my railcard.

Station worker: Thank you. Coach F is two coaches down. It’s the quiet coach. We ask you not to take calls or make calls in the quiet coach.

Student 3: Yes. That’s why I booked that coach. I want to work on an essay during the journey. Is there a cafeteria on the train?

Station worker: Yes, in coach C towards the front of the train.

Student 3: What time are we due in London?

Station worker: Ten past three. That’s ten minutes after the scheduled time because of track works just outside London.


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