Script: My exercise routine

Script: My exercise routine

Jake is very committed to fitness, but not for the reasons you may think.

(1) Good morning. My name is Jake and I’m going to talk about my exercise routine. Don’t worry! I’m not a gym-bunny or one of those people who does nothing in their spare time except exercise. I’m just a normal guy who is very aware of the fact that we only have one body and it has got to last a lifetime. So we have to look after it.

(2) I know it isn’t easy to build up an exercise routine and stick to it. It involves a lot of dedication and hard work. But it’s worth it. You will see the benefits if you’re determined. It took me almost three years to develop the following exercise routine. Now that I’m there, I’m determined.

(3) I should tell you at this point that I’ve suffered from asthma since I was five years old. It just happened to me suddenly. Three years ago, I started seeing a new doctor at the hospital and she told me about the benefits of exercise if you have asthma.

(4) My mum and dad were worried at first because they couldn’t see that exercising to the point of breathlessness was good for someone who has problems breathing. But they didn’t stop me. Everyone has been behind me with my efforts to keep fit - teachers, friends, doctors, everybody.

(5) I never know how my lungs are going to react from day to day until I start my daily routine. Some mornings, I’m so short of breath when I get out of bed that I have difficulties getting from my bedroom to the bathroom. Other mornings, I run around the apartment getting ready and grabbing breakfast. On days like that, I know I’ll be able to walk at least ten kilometres without taking a break. On days like that, I feel incredible.

(6) Also, a day can begin brilliantly, and then suddenly an asthma attack flares up and I end up back home or even in hospital. I guess you could say suffering from asthma is never boring! Last year, I had to spend two month-long periods in hospital. When that happens I have to begin my exercise programme all over again and build up from the very beginning. But I don’t give up, nor am I tempted to.

(7) Over the last three years, my body has got used to the exercise, and I’m sure that my asthma has got better. I’ve learned not to let my breathlessness frighten me and not to let it take over completely. But I’m careful. I pace myself and never do anything stupid. Doctors and nurses have taught me different breathing techniques over the years, and these help greatly. I am not a quitter!

(8) So, after that rather long introduction, what is my exercise routine? Three days a week, I do a five kilometre walk. In all weather! I do this walk either first thing in the morning or after school. I do a slow, long distance walk one day a week, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. I go as far as I can one week, and then do a shorter one the following week.

(9) I rest two days a week. Even if I feel like going out for a walk, I don’t. It’s important to keep a diary of your exercise routine, and review what you’ve done and plan ahead.

(10) And at least once a year, I do a walking marathon or a half-marathon. This involves extra training, because a half marathon is twenty-one kilometres, and a marathon double that! Preparation is also important!

(11) So, there you are. It’s made me fit, healthier and happier! I hope you can work out a routine that works for you.


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